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10th Annual Conference of Opportunities in Superyachts and Business Jets.

Join Quaynote in just two weeks' time as they celebrate a decade of success with their 10th Annual Opportunities in Business Jets and Superyachts. Held at the prestigious Corinthia Hotel on 22nd-23rd March 2023, this special event will feature world-class speakers delivering plenary sessions, workshops and roundtables along with plenty of networking opportunities – don't miss out!

On the 22nd and the 23rd of March, join the global industry elite for two powerful conferences at Opportunities in Business Jets and Opportunities in Superyachts. Gather together to share ideas and debate topics through comprehensive panel discussions, inspiring keynote presentations as well as intimate roundtables. Socialise with fellow professionals over refreshments breaks or networking lunches before connecting further during drinks receptions - an ideal opportunity to develop your network across allied industries!

Explore the thriving world of Business Aviation at Opportunities in Business Jets. Review a decade's worth of successes within the industry and gain insights into what lies ahead. Join aircraft operators, corporate service providers, FBOs and more as they come together to exchange ideas on how to capitalise on existing opportunities while navigating new challenges.

One of the Partners at Concierge & Co Services Ltd, the company operating TEMPLE, will be participating in the opening session of the Opportunities in Business Jets conference, which will relate on the future of business aviation.

Alex was part of Air Malta’s strategy team between 2017-2019, pursuing the airline’s strategy for growth which has successfully led the airline to register its first operational profits in 2018 since the year 2000. This was a result of a number of strategic decisions which were taken, which included Stakeholders such as Airbus, Ryanair, the Malta International Airport, and others.

At the Conference of Opportunities in Superyachts high-profile industry leaders will be assembled to address some pressing questions that have recently emerged from the superyacht sector - such as how best to attract more buyers and what tomorrow’s designs & qualities may entail; alongside tackling crew related issues with solutions for training, retaining and recruiting qualified personnel.

Reflecting on the last ten years, Quaynote's conference in Malta is an ideal platform to explore how current and disruptive forces - technology, environmentalism, geopolitics and a new generation of Owners – have brought both challenges and opportunities. As we set our sights towards the future, let us consider what will come next for this rapidly evolving industry.

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