18 POWERFUL reasons why TEMPLE TALKS MALTA podcast should be a part of your marketing strategy

Read what our guests have to say about why they would recommend TEMPLE TALKS MALTA podcast series as an ideal and effective marketing platform.

TEMPLE TALKS MALTA is one of Malta's most popular podcast series featuring factual and light-hearted interviews that explore the life and work of well known personalities, business leaders, luxury tourism, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, actors and many more!

Podcasts are the fastest and most popular growing digital medium worldwide and they generate large numbers of loyal listeners as well as deliver excellent response and return on investment.

BUT - you don't have to just take our word for it - here's what our guests have to say about their experiences from Season 1!

Details on how to become a guest on Season 2 can be found further on in this article.

1. Brice Kemper, General Manager, The Phoenicia Malta

“Being relatively new on the island,  I was very flattered to be asked to do a podcast episode on TEMPLE TALKS Malta by by Zanna and Marc. I didn't know what to expect so I listened to some of the existing podcasts.  What I heard was amazing.  So I agreed to do a podcast interview and I was really pleased with the result.  Working with Zanna and Marc was unbelievable.  Two amazing professionals who know how to make you feel at ease.  The interview seemed like a regular conversation, lots of great vibe and good exchanges.  Such a great experience.  The bonus: the feedback from listeners has been incredible.   Highly recommend.”

2. Stanely Bugeja, Managing Director of DC Aviation

'I've worked with Zanna and Marc since the birth of TEMPLE Magazine so when they launched their podcast series I wanted to get involved immediately.

The Business Jet industry has clients worldwide and my episode was listened to globally with excellent feedback, so I will be booking another interview as soon as the Malta airport reopens for business!'

3. Louise Pullicino, General Manager, P&A Sullivan, luxury travel agency

Our podcast was a huge success. We received great positive feedback and wonderful comments from our international clients and local suppliers.  

Much praise goes to Susanna and Marc from Temple Magazine. They were incredibly professional and helpful. From the minute we said go they guided us throughout the entire process making the daunting interview a real good fun task!

We can’t wait to book our next episode!

4. Eman Pullis, CEO, SiGMA

'Working with Zanna and Marc is always a pleasure and my interview, which was recorded from Manila, was so easy - they wrote the script and all I had to do was talk about what I know best. Top editing skills too! Had some great reactions and comments from the SiGMA World. TEMPLE TALKS MALTA podcast series is a great initiative and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to reach out to new and old clients.'

5. Stephanie Borg, Artist and Designer

'I loved the informal yet insightful way that Temple Magazine conducted the interview.

Their platform helped me reach a different kind of audience which benefited me in terms of more awareness to my work and my brand.'

6. Wayne Marshall, globally acclaimed conductor, organist and pianist

'It has been a pleasure for me to have appeared twice on the Temple Talks Malta Podcasts. During this crazy Pandemic situation, we have all had to adapt our lives in ways we never thought possible. I have been focusing on broadcasting weekly concerts on Facebook Live using OBS software. It was a pleasure to discuss with Marc about purchasing a good vocal microphone and having done so my broadcasts have improved significantly. Situations like this have taught us all that if we use our creative brains, then we can achieve greater things we never thought possible!'

7. Claire Zammit Xeureb, Director - AX Hotels

'Following my discussion on Temple Magazine’s podcast about Under Grain’s MICHELIN star and the whole ethos of AX Group, I can surely say that this feature was good exposure for our company. Apart from the fact that it was an interesting fun podcast to take part in, we received good feedback from it, both from present customers as well as promising future ones. Podcasts are on the rise in becoming a great marketing tool for businesses and I highly recommend it.'

8. Jonathan Dalli, CEO, The Concept Stadium

“My experience with The Temple team for our podcast at a very particular time for our company and our industry was second-to-none. The Q&A flow was extremely easy. The fact that Zanna and Marc are also into marketing helped a lot in order to engage in dialogue together and discuss relevant go-to-market strategies in a SMART fashion. The speed of editing also helped us to share it on our social media channels and simultaneously enabled us to launch our project in a timely manner.”

9. Fabien Etienne, Sommelier and wine consultant

I have been very pleased to do a podcast with Temple Talks Malta! 

I really like this new format since people do not take the time to read anymore, so they can easily listen when they are eating while going for a walk or in the car for example. 

After my podcast interview I had some very good comments and feedback with friends and clients. 

Take the opportunity if you can!

10. Jennifer Micallef, Classical pianist and prolific bread-maker!

“I very much enjoyed the interview with Zanna and Marc. It was great fun. The interview brought a lot of attention to my sourdough breads and baked! Following the interview, I had so much positive feedback and was pleasantly surprised as to how many people are interested in sourdough”

11. Damon Camilleri Allan, CEO, Exclusively Malta, Luxury Travel Agency for Malta

'I have seen Temple Magazine blossom to become the premier authority on luxury lifestyle in the Maltese Islands.  I was even more thrilled to speak about our company and the idea of luxury in Malta as a guest on TEMPLE TALKS MALTA podcast.

Zanna and Marc continue to demonstrate that Temple is the premier go to for luxury lifestyle in the Maltese Islands we’re honoured to be affiliated with the Temple brand.'

12. Errol Sammut, Lead Singer, Airport Impressions

'If you are looking for a great resource to hear stories from today's successful entrepreneurs, TEMPLE TALKS MALTA Podcast is the place to be.

Our interview was so comfortable. We felt like we could easily express our thoughts and Zanna related to us as musicians more than a journalist.

We could open up and they completely understood the power of songwriting and the band's journey and biography.'

13. Kurt Mifsud, CEO, The Mediterranean Culinary Academy

'Temple Talks Malta is a true opportunity for entrepreneurs, artists and change makers to give their honest and unbiased thoughts and opinions on their craft and current events. 

14. Matthew Aquilina Manché - Director, The Shakinah Restaurant