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A Haven of Eco-Friendly Splendour: The Return of Valletta Green Festival

Valletta will be transformed into a haven of eco-friendly splendour from 3rd to 7th May 2023, as the return of The Green Festival is welcomed with open arms. This renowned event has become an iconic symbol within Malta's culture, drawing visitors in their thousands who are eager to explore vibrant gardens and thrilling performances across the stunning cityscapes.

Upon your arrival at the festival, you will be welcomed with an array of creative interactive fantasy gardens. Showcasing sustainable gardening techniques through flowers and shrubs in a vibrant display, these beautiful landscapes demonstrate how plants can help protect our planet's environment.

The visitors have a rare opportunity to explore some of Valletta's most treasured historical sites. Among these are Convent St Catherine and Archbishop Palace gardens – which boast four centuries' worth of distinct architectural beauty.

This year's festival promises to be a spectacular event. Organised by the Valletta Cultural Agency, locals and tourists alike anticipate an exciting day of festivities that have been warmly received in past years.

Valletta Green Festival is a one-of-a kind celebration of sustainable living and natural beauty. Hosted in the environment that inspires it, this event brings together creators from around Malta to showcase their efforts toward protecting nature while also showing off its beauty. If you're ever near during the festival, be sure to take part - discover how sustainability can bring joy as well as provide guidance on preserving our planet!


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