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A Michelin Star Affair: Dining at Fernandõ

There's an undeniable excitement that stirs within the culinary community when local restaurants are spotlighted on a global stage for their extraordinary gastronomic talents. So, when word reached us that Fernandõ - an unassuming gem tucked away in the vibrant heart of Malta - had been bestowed with a coveted Michelin star, it was clear to us that a visit was long overdue. After all, the whispers of its exceptional dining experience had been tempting us for a while.

The ambiance at Fernandõ Gastrotheque exudes an urban, warm and comforting feel. Wooden tables with stylish wallpaper, sleek copper accents, and dim, chic lighting create a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere that makes it an ideal spot for an intimate dinner with cherished friends on a crisp winter's day (I am just really in the mood for the colder days now).

What truly distinguishes Fernandõ is its commendable approach to wine. Ranging from hearty reds to refreshing whites, they cater to every preference and occasion. But what's even more impressive is their thoughtful consideration for those abstaining from alcohol. The venue offers a curated selection of non-alcoholic wines, ensuring that teetotallers or those taking a break from alcohol don't miss out on the complete dining experience. Additionally, they take the guesswork out of wine pairing by offering a meticulously paired wine option with your meal. My dining partner went for this option and was thoroughly impressed with the harmonious interplay of flavours.

The meal kicked off with a selection of three canapés, each one more refreshing than the other, delivering a delightful surprise that exceeded my expectations. This appetising introduction to our culinary journey was swiftly followed by our starters. Aubergine has always been my go-to vegetable, as I am always curious to see it cooked in various refined ways, and this one definitely topped the list! Crisp, tangy, and paired with refreshing tomatoes, it offered every texture you could possibly look for in a dish. The Aubergine Tempura was so light and delicate, it felt as though it had been deep-fried in air.

The main course was undoubtedly the crowning glory - a succulently cooked steak, so tender it practically dissolved on the tongue. Each preceding dish was thoughtfully portioned and delectable, but none could surpass the sheer culinary brilliance of the steak. The experience would be incomplete without savouring a generous glass - or perhaps even three - of their robust red wine.

Check out the beautifully cooked layers... mouthwatering!

The culmination of our culinary experience was marked by the arrival of our desserts. My choice, the Araguani Chocolate Ganache, was indulgence at its purest form. Made with rare Venezuelan cocoa beans, this dessert was rich in texture and flavour, with an ooey-gooey consistency that was nothing short of divine – the perfect finale to an impeccable meal!

Reflecting on the evening, my only pang of regret stems from Fernandõ's non-participation in the 'Dine with the Stars' event, owing to their recent addition to the Star list. I am certain that their culinary offering would have been an undeniable success. Having consciously reserved my appetite throughout the day to fully appreciate every morsel served, I can assert with confidence that Fernandõ lived up to its reputation!

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