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All about The Alfa Romeo Tonale

The Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid is a compact UV with a sporty personality that defines the brand's distinctive language of beauty. Its design projects the distinctive elements of Italian design into the future, striking the ideal balance between beloved tradition and eager anticipation of what is to come. In keeping with the Alfa Romeo philosophy, every element is created with the driver in mind, resulting in unparalleled driving pleasure through ergonomics, the use of quality materials, and dynamic handling that is second to none. The Tonale represents Alfa Romeo's approach to future electrification, with the PHEV version in 2023, bringing together cutting-edge technology and renowned driving dynamics to seize new opportunities and offer practical solutions to brand-new challenges.

With its compact dimensions, Tonale's design looks to the future while fusing distinctive Italian design with Alfa Romeo's customary original and contemporary style. This combination reflects the spirit of Italian art through the enduring experience of craftsmanship. Its design incorporates a number of well-known design cues to create a visible representation of the brand's history while also taking into account the new Alfa Romeo anatomy.

The Tonale's 20-inch wheels are a clear, impactful rendition of the circular concept that nods to Alfa Romeo's heritage by updating the "teledial" design with a light architectural framework. This aesthetic option first appeared in the 1960s on the famous 33 Stradale. The "Linea GT" of Tonale reinterprets the pouncing stance and sense of safety given by the award-winning GT junior, while the large and graceful volumes from the side are reminiscent of the Duetto or the Disco Volante Spider's pure lines. While the "3 plus 3" light clusters evoke the proud appearance of SZ and Brera, the front end showcases the characteristic trefoil and the iconic Alfa Romeo shield functions as a bold focal point, setting the tone for the speed and fluidity of Tonale. The Tonale's rear is embellished and softened by a rear window that arcs around it. A suspended wing completes the look and boosts the continuity with the clear sunroof. The rear light clusters resemble a graphic sign more than an optical lighting component and resemble an artist's signature.

The interior styling of Tonale is influenced by Alfa Romeo's racing heritage and plays with forceful and dynamic curves to evoke passion and great driveability. The Tonale's cockpit is edgily constructed to fit both the driver and passengers comfortably. The aesthetic strikes a delicate balance between harmony and tension, giving the impression that the whole car is about to pounce. The combination of high-end materials, such as the cool rigidity of aluminum meeting the warm softness of leather and Alcantara, amplifies the intense emotions imparted by Tonale's interiors. Translucent panels and an illuminated center tube can be found inside. The Tonale's interior provides a complete experience with features often found on more expensive trim levels. The passenger area is cozy, immersive, and furnished with dynamic features favored by motoring aficionados.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale is produced at the renovated Giambattista Vico Stellantis plant in Pomigliano d'Arco, Naples, one of the group's most cutting-edge production facilities, on a new production line specifically designed for the new Alfa Romeo vehicle, with a newly built, ultra-modern assembly unit.

The industrial complex was created in 1968 by Alfa Romeo and has been in operation since 1972. It has produced 5 million cars to date and has won numerous international awards, including the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Silver certification and the Automotive Lean Production award for best plant in Europe in 2012. The WCM Gold Medal and the level bearing that name were given in 2013 as well. The facility had a significant renovation last year to prepare it for the difficulties of the future, as shown by the use of the most cutting-edge technology to create hybrid vehicles, staff training, and environmental sensitivity.

Alfa Romeo is represented in Malta by Motors Inc., Mdina road Qormi, Malta. For more information, please contact (+356) 2269 2000, or go to


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