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Are all women GUILTY?

Away from feminist, cultural or religious influences and impositions, GUILTY is intended to aid in the exploration of what it may mean to be “guilty of being a woman”. Experiences, discomforts, health issues and situations that only women can experience are brought to the spotlight through black and white deadpan photographs. This studio portraiture focuses on objective depictions of the sitters. It reveals what usually goes unnoticed or disregarded, by factually portraying the subjects in a methodical and dispassionate manner. It aims to allow for questions that go beyond the understanding of the people portrayed. Presented as a sequence, these portraits offer an opportunity for the viewers to notice differences and similarities and to draw attention to details they may otherwise tend to overlook.

The work aims to initiate healthy discussions and foster a deeper understanding and awareness of other people’s predicaments.

Visitors' participation is encouraged. They can either take part in organized or impromptu discussions and/or by writing in the exhibition’s diary about any personal experiences they could not have had unless they were a woman. Organized discussions will take place on the opening night, Thursday 5th May at 7pm and on Sunday 22nd May at 10am.

GUILTY is an exhibition by Etienne Farrell. It is happening at the National Museum of Fine Arts, MUŻA. Opens today, 5th May and runs through to 12th June. Don't miss this unique exhibition. Entrance is free of charge.

For more information contact MUZA - Museum of Fine Arts on +356 2122 0006

MUZA is located at the Auberge D'Italie, Merchants St, Valletta


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