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Brockman’s, The Properly Improper Gin

If we want to be proper, then Gin is properly an Italian, more properly Southern Italian, alcoholic tonic originally distilled by Benedictine Monks whose monastery was conveniently surrounded by acres of juniper trees. Centuries on, after import restrictions were imposed on French Brandy, Gin became the national alcoholic drink of choice in the UK. And so, the story began….

Brockmans was created by four friends with vast experience in the drinks industry, a wealth of knowledge in gin distillation and a certain love for the British spirit, Gin! Their aim was to create a modern gin that broke some rules but respected the long-standing tradition of gin distillation. The complexity of Brockmans brings Gin to another level. Infused with 11 botanicals, Brockmans has a distinct and engaging flavour, one that is followed and sought after by international bar tenders and gin connoisseurs the world over. It has certainly made its mark since its debut in 2009.

Brockmans gets its unique flavour mainly from the dried blueberries and blackberries sourced from northern Europe. It is by far this particular aroma that sets Brockmans gin apart from all others but plenty of other botanicals which are carefully curated from various regions bring unique and silky notes to this superior quality gin. Lemon and orange peel from Spain give it it’s zesty citrus notes, liquorice from China, angelica from Germany, coriander from Bulgaria, cassia from Vietnam and of course no gin would be complete without juniper berries from Italy.

Traditionally served with a premium tonic, Brockmans gin can also be served neat over ice.

Take your gin days to another level, ask for Brockmans at restaurants, bars and fine bottle shops next time you need to wind down!

For direct orders visit their website


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