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Luxury London leather brand launched in Malta

Cavesson's launches exquisite leather goods in Malta.

Cavesson’s is truly a cosmopolitan brand: Maltese passion and verve meets British design heritage and style to meld with Spanish artisan manufacturing. The result is exquisite leather goods for the most discerning clients.

Cavesson’s London is founder and designer Mark Lightfoot’s passion. ‘I wanted to be a tailor originally’ he told me. ‘As a child I was always making something and so a degree in design was almost inevitable. However, after twenty years in the creative industry, I am slowly watching a lot of the personal creativity be replaced by software and that ‘fire’ that makes good design great is disappearing’.

Clearly there is no lack of fire in the design of the Cavesson’s product range. Sumptuous, buttery soft leather in beautiful hues and shades is give an unexpected twist with vivid linings in sky blue or verdant green. The detailing is impressive and each Cavesson’s product is a work of art. Discreet luxury is their hallmark. The Cavesson’s customer is someone who puts quality, workmanship and style over logos.

But, as importantly as the design is the ethical side of a leather business. Mark is determined that the provenance of the leather is impeccable and that, despite being a by-product, respect for the animal is inherent within the manufacture and the appreciation of a Cavesson’s bag or wallet.

‘Leather is an investment’, he maintains. ‘When you buy a Cavesson’s bag for example, you should expect it to last. Well maintained leather ages beautifully and will keep its lustre and colour.’ All Cavesson’s products start life in an artisan workshop in Spain and everything is finished by hand. In this way, quality and consistency are maintained and the passion in the design and sourcing of the raw the materials is clear in the finished article.

Equestrian influences are key: the leather used for a bridle is always the softest, strongest and best quality. A cavesson is part of the leather bridle that rests on the horse’s face - the noseband if you will. Making wallets from this leather provides immediate verification of the quality, longevity and value of the goods. Calf leather is used for the totes. The range of styles is comprehensive to suit any requirement but Cavesson’s also offers a bespoke service for that extra special gift

Mark is hands on with Cavesson’s entire process from design, through manufacturing to packaging. He undertook research and private study to understand the production methods and sought out artisan craftsmen for his factory in Spain. The product range reflects the needs of the normal person going about life but looking to do it with style. Totes, wallets and card cases are the key products in the range and, each season, they reflect a part of the brand’s heritage.

So, when in Malta - where do you buy these beautiful products? LOFT in Naxxar, Malta showcase the latest designs or alternatively one can buy online at

Published TEMPLE Magazine 2017/18

Copyright: Temple Concierge Ltd

All rights reserved.

Images: Jean Marc Zerafa


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