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Design. Engineer. Manage - QP Management

Meet the passionate and well researched professionals from QP Management.

Innovation, creativity, value engineering, sustainability, and thinking outside the box all have a profound meaning at QP Management. Setup as a division of a much larger Company, what was once a project manager for an international developer has now become a fully fledged design, engineering and management office offering a comprehensive range of services to developers and investors alike.

Speaking to Reuben Xuereb, executive chairman of QP Management we quickly understood why this company is so different. “The strength lies in the talent, competence and resilience of the team, and I am very proud to be surrounded by colleagues who are not only highly qualified in their areas of expertise but creative and totally solution driven.”

“At QP we have some of the most accomplished people around,” expresses Reuben. We offer different areas of expertise but what really defines QP is the way these individual skills are coordinated to deliver solutions that are seamless and that create maximum value.

Our goal has always been to offer a professional and technical service in a qualitative and meaningful manner. To achieve this, we have built up a team of in-house specialist in Design, Engineering and Management thus giving us full control on projects anywhere in the world. We act very much as an extension of our client, be they investors or developers, and work closely with them throughout the project. From concept design to completion and operation; QP embraces the whole of the project.’

As Reuben explains, ‘We are extremely passionate about what we do and our constant objective is to plan well, execute meticulously and achieve timelines and budgets without compromising on quality.” We go to lengths to ensure that every detail of the project, is designed well, studied well and most importantly coordinated throughout any project. To achieve this, our designers and engineers work on a “building information modelling” system that allows all the designers and engineers, to work simultaneously on drawings without the concern that any detail is omitted or is creating a conflict. This is a state of the art system that necessitates our designers and engineers to be specifically trained to work on this platform.

Growing QP beyond Malta’s shores is an ongoing feat. It is not easy to compete internationally, especially in highly developed cities in Europe and the Middle East. We are a boutique firm of specialists but more importantly we are totally hands on having not only designed and managed but also physically built buildings. This unique skill set allows us to understand the complexity of executing a project and to manage the design process in a way that minimizes risk and reduces costs throughout. Our international growth is underpinned by client relationships that are nurtured over time and the ability to prove ourselves with clients who expect something better and more bespoke.

Sustainability of buildings is critically important and, as the world strives to reduce carbon emissions and waste, QP is relentlessly searching and implementing ways of how to respect the environment by implementing design and processes that are green. “We have a duty to protect the planet and contribute towards a sustainable future as projects are conceived and developed”. QP works at all levels of sustainability management both during design development as well as during ongoing projects. We can certify the design and a completed project according to LEED or BREAM, LEED being the “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”; a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design, whilst BREAAM is the UK equivalent. Apart from advocating sustainability, we are continuously educating our clients on the long term benefits of LEED and BREAAM certified buildings. LEED certified office buildings are highly sought after by international companies as they help them market their service as well as reduce the overall cost of operation. At QP, the team take sustainability very seriously and they are the proud founders of The Green Building Council which is currently working on new and better standards across the local building industry.

Asking Reuben about research and development brings more energy to the room.

‘We are constantly researching new building techniques and systems’ he maintains. ‘Our building services engineers are constantly in touch with the world leaders in technology, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation, audio visual and building management systems. We regularly visit these industry giants, educate ourselves, embrace their products and implement them into our projects. The same can be said for construction materials. Our structural engineers are constantly researching, studying and even designing new methods of precast, prefabricated, prestressed building materials and methods, seeking to allow for a faster construction and a lower cost. An area of particular interest for QP is infrastructure. QP is currently engaged with a German engineering team that have come up with a revolutionary new way of buildings roads, that is not just environmentally friendly but does away with significant disruption and inconvenience as the method is applied.

We have and continue to have the privilege of partnering on projects with industry giants such as Foster & Partners in the UK, EDSA in the US, WATG and others on projects both in Malta and overseas. Working with these companies puts QP in a different league all together.’

He stops and smiles. ‘I wish there were more hours in a day?’

Thank you from all of us at TEMPLE magazine to Reuben for such candid passion and detailed insights into QP Management.

QP Management

Published TEMPLE Magazine 2018

Copyright: Temple Concierge Ltd.

Images Copyright: QP Management.


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