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Dino Fino Announces Board of Directors for Dino Fino Finance plc

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The Dino Fino brand is growing. With its high-quality, sophisticated and modern furniture already taking Malta by storm, the brand is introducing an experienced board of directors to head up its new finance company.​

Dino Fino has announced the appointment of its new board of directors for Dino Fino Finance plc. The new company is the latest addition to the Dino Fino Group, and will ensure the brand continues to provide exquisite furnishings, exceptional choice and second-to-none customer care across its ever-more diversified portfolio of services.

The company’s founder, Dino Fino, will be on the board of directors as the Managing Director and CEO of Dino Fino Finance plc, while Benjamin Muscat will serve as Non-Executive Chairman, Beppe Muscat as Executive Director, Austin Gauci Maistre as Non-Executive Director and Board Secretary, and Alexia Farrugia as Non-Executive Director.

“The new board of directors brings a wealth of experience, as well as a new mindset to the Dino Fino concept,” shares the Managing Director and CEO. “As the brand grows, the company’s thinking process needs to develop too. This new board will not only ensure the Dino Fino brand is performing at its best, it will also look into further expansion and development opportunities; both in the furniture sector and in other areas of industry.”

The Dino Fino Group has ambitious goals to diversify its portfolio of services and is keen to explore new ways of reaching both the B2B and B2C markets. As it stands, Dino Fino Finance plc will be the fourth company under the Dino Fino collective. The company currently offers a showroom experience to individual consumers with Dino Fino Home, and business customers with Dino Fino Contracts. Dino Fino Outlet is the Group’s online portal, with an extensive range of furniture and furnishings carrying incredible discounts for shoppers who are on the lookout for a great deal.

Having been involved in the furniture retail industry for over 20 years, Dino Fino has learnt a lot about the industry. Now in its fourth year, the brand attributes its success to its emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. “Crucially, Dino Fino offers an experience,” the Managing Director and CEO explains. “Customers who visit the Dino Fino showroom are met with a feast for the senses; furniture that is beautiful while also offering maximum comfort. The customer is made to feel like they are at home.”

Providing a great costumer experience is clearly working. Since launching in 2017, Dino Fino Home has seen incredible growth: so much so it's Birkirkara showroom is due to be extended.with the extension set to be completed towards the end of 2021. the space will allow fabric and wallpaper displays and an extended range of home decorations.

Catering to corporate and business clients, Dino Fino Contract is also going through a period of rapid growth. In March 2022, 600 square metres of showroom space will be opening the company’s second floor, which will cater to offices, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

“Looking after your customers is important, but equally important is keeping up-to-date with their needs and tastes. In a fast-moving industry like retail, it is essential to make quick decisions – especially when trying to attract the younger sector of the market,” Mr Fino says. “This has encouraged us to develop a brand that is young and fresh by fostering a team culture that reflects that. I make a point of being on the ground with the team as much as possible to help create that approachable, friendly and relaxed environment that translates to quality service.”

With the recent pandemic having forced businesses all over the world to consider their way of working, Mr Fino believes that it is crucial to be ready for anything. “We should always allocate time to sit, think, plan and restructure. Embracing these experiences is crucial as they make our business stronger.”

The introduction of Dino Fino Finance plc and its new board of directors is testament to his ‘big picture’ approach and the company’s continual growth. Executive Director Beppe Muscat shares the brand’s hopes for the near future:

“The Dino Fino brand is synonymous with quality. Our aim is to continue to grow this business to win over a greater share of the market, while upholding the quality of our products and ensuring a great customer experience.”

The brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings only four years ago and it continues to grow from strength to strength. “Dino Fino is a brand destined for leadership. The Group aspires to market leadership in our sector and aims to keep diversifying; becoming a multi-faceted organisation with a portfolio of business units that are professional and profitable,” Mr Fino concludes.

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