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Explore Mediterranean Relaxation & Rejuvenation at Athenaeum Spa

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Dee Spas, Malta's go-to for luxurious wellness experiences, is excited to announce their newest location at the iconic Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa. As a premier spa operator in Malta committed to providing exceptional services and an atmosphere of rejuvenation and relaxation, they are honoured to carry on this distinguished property’s legacy of excellence. Their highly experienced team understands that bespoke quality service should be tailored uniquely with each guest in mind; guaranteeing comfort as well as balance within both body and spirit.

Shaped by Corinthia Hotels' original mission from 1962, the Athenaeum Spa at the Palace Hotel & Spa offers an experience like no other. A place for guests to engage in meaningful relaxation and rejuvenation that leaves them feeling positively uplifted both mentally and physically. With its rich history as one of their earliest hotels, visitors can expect a timeless indulgence with every visit - restoring balance through mindful body treatments while stimulating each sense through luxurious aromas and calming ambiance.

Dee Spas strive to make every visit a transformative experience. Their staff of highly trained professionals provide guests with personalised treatments ranging from massage therapy and skincare services to meditation and yoga guidance. They take pride in their specialists’ expertise, who are dedicated to delivering the optimal spa journey while upholding the principles shared by Athenaeum Spa: uplifting spirits, rejuvenating bodies & souls, allowing visitors an escape away into relaxation & renewal!

In addition to their existing treatments, the guests can look forward to an entirely new set of experiences, with a series of signature treatments designed around the natural beauty and healing elements that Malta has to offer. From indulging in a Mediterranean massage using local herbs and oils for relaxation purposes, to rejuvenating facial treatments crafted from Maltese honey and clay – each treatment allows guests the unique opportunity explore this island's rich cultural heritage through sensory exploration.

With great enthusiasm, DeeSpas are embarking on a new venture as the inheritors of Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa. Our confident expectation is that it will remain one of Malta's foremost spa destinations thanks to our stewardship. All who appreciate spas should come and bask in its healing atmosphere; an environment steeped in natural beauty and Maltese cultural heritage alike!

View the full list of treatments here.

For reservations call +356 2144 0301 or email


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