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Giving your business that extra edge - Corporate Membership with TEMPLE.

People are the bedrock of any company’s success and what better way to look after

your key clients and members of staff than to show them how much you value their

business and loyalty?


TEMPLE is the leading full service concierge/lifestyle company in Malta where 'top-level' members are appointed a personal account manager to look after every request and detail first hand.

The TEMPLE mission is to enhance members' lives, be it for business or pleasure, giving them freedom and time to focus on their own family, friends, work and business.

Key staff in your business; to show your appreciation and to reward them as a benefit for loyalty, enhancing their busy lives and improving their work/life balance.

Clients based in Malta (prospective and existing); Gifting your key-customers with a TEMPLE membership to rubber stamp your working relationship, emphasise your gratitude for their business and consolidate your future together.

Clients visiting from overseas: Ensuring that their visit to Malta is faultless, wholly positive, and memorable for all the 'right' reasons. TEMPLE creates bespoke itineraries for visiting professionals to make sure they experience the very 'best of the best' across the Maltese Islands.

TEMPLE handles all kinds of requests on a daily basis; from arranging impressive entertainment and events at short notice, making all types of reservations (nationally and internationally), as well as simple daily requirements like food shopping, gift purchasing and basic errands.

As a Corporate Member you will also enjoy all the benefits that TEMPLE has to offer including being kept up to date with high-profile events and networking opportunities, as well as high-end brands and services. Members will also receive complimentary copies of TEMPLE Magazine.  

Talk to us today about corporate membership for your business.

Susanna Hornby (Director)

Tel: +356 99701524

Lara Buttigieg (Account Manager)

Tel: +356 99343499

For more information on Temple Concierge membership please visit our website or contact us directly below.


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