If you want something done - ask a busy person! Professor Jane Somerville and her mission.

Professor Jane Somerville. Image Copyright: TEMPLE Magazine

Professor Jane Somerville is a very busy lady: despite being an impressive age, she has the vigour and energy many a twenty-something would be proud of.

Emeritus Professor of Cardiology at Imperial College London and Visiting Cardiology Consultant at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta, whose service is led by the excellent Dr Maryanne Caruana, Professor Somerville is the acknowledged world leader in congenital heart disease. In addition to her many roles and accomplishments - which you can read about in Edition Three of TEMPLE magazine - the professor was one of the founder members of The Somerville Foundation http://www.thesf.org.uk/

In the 1950’s 65% of babies born with heart abnormalities died before their first birthday and only 15% became adults. Today, with the progress of medicine and particularly cardiac surgery, 90-95% of children born with heart abnormalities in developed countries reach adulthood - some now living beyond 70.

Professor Jane Somerville. Image Copyright: TEMPLE Magazine

This medical progress has created a new medical community of Grown-up Congenital Heart Patients (GUCHs) i.e. those who as babies and children had their lives saved by surgery, care and interventions. Unfortunately, many GUCH patients still have important medical, even surgical and life needs.

The mission of The Somerville Foundation is to support these courageous grownups wherever they are able, to ensure that these Congenital Heart Patients enjoy access to every opportunity. These are people with a profound longing for what most people consider a normal life, a life that many of us take for granted.

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