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#keep business moving. TEMPLE Magazine offers FREE articles for local businesses on their website

TEMPLE Magazine invites Maltese businesses and organisations to promote their services for free on their website.

'We want to do whatever we can to help keep local business moving in Malta and Gozo - these are troubling times for us all, and by supporting and working with each other we can achieve more.' Marc Mason, Publisher of TEMPLE Magazine.

'We'd love to hear from you - send us your business profile or even a story - and let's keep business moving for us all. Stay safe and stay healthy'. Susanna Hornby, MD.


What does 'free' mean?

It means no charge and no hidden costs.

What do I get for free?

A published article with images displayed on the Feature Articles Page on

What can my article contain?

Up to 250 words and two images (two photographs, or a photograph and logo, or just a logo.) Your article can promote your business or services or even be a business related story. The article can be generic about everything you offer, or it can have an emphasis on a certain product or service that you offer right now. Your article will also contain a web link to your own website or Facebook page.

How do I send my article and images to TEMPLE?

Articles must be supplied in text format on an email (not as a word document attachment) to and ready for publication. Images, must be low resolution (no bigger than 1MB) and attached to the same email. Please note we cannot accept multiple emails for the same article or accept high resolution images via email, wetransfer or dropbox.

Please also note we cannot write articles for you due to time restrictions, and we also have the right to change your text within reason to comply with our editorial standards. We will notify you, by email, when your article goes live and should you have any urgent changes we will do our best to make them within 24 hours.

Where will my article be published?

On and this published article will then be shared across the TEMPLE social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Please note that the 'sharing' of articles is wholly at the discretion of TEMPLE Magazine and we cannot guarantee all articles will be shared across all social platforms.

How long will my article appear for on the TEMPLE website?

Your article will be published indefinitely, however TEMPLE Magazine has the right to remove your article at any time.

Checklist for sending my article to

  1. 250 words of text including my website address or Facebook link

  2. 2 images (attached to the email)

  3. My First and Last Name

  4. My Company Registration Number.

  5. My mobile number

  6. My direct email address

That's it - but please read through our rules and terms below!

What are the rules?

Your business/organisation must have a Company Number and a VAT Number ( please supply registration numbers when sending your article)

Your business/organisation must have a website or Facebook Page

Your business/organisation must be based in Malta

Your business/organisation must provide a legitimate service within Malta

We will not accept articles which encourage people to gamble

We will not accept articles which solicit upfront payment for services and products

We will not accept articles containing any drug/medication sales, chemical or holistic

We will not accept articles promoting any multi-level marketing businesses

In summary, we hope to be able to publish meaningful and genuine messages from our local business community however we cannot guarantee that your article will appear on our website.


We have the right to refuse any article without explanation

The Editor's word is final

This advertising offer will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions or need more information please contact us on:


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