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life's forgotten pleasures

There was a time, not so long ago, when the word “unwinding” was equivalent to a walk to the village square, sipping tea or coffee on a bench in the afternoon sun, playing bocci with old friends, discussing the latest news stories at the local band club, sewing intricate and beautiful lace patterns on the doorstep, playing bingo or simply pulling out a chair or a small stool on the pavement and sharing the highlights of the day with family, neighbors and friends. The only sounds heard were the chimes of the church bells, the loud yet warm voices of the townsfolk as they ran their daily errands and the calls of the vegetable or fish vendors who parked their trucks in the main square. A few cars passed through the square every now and then, but the silence, peace and tranquility was soon restored.

These are the simple pleasures that Quaint Boutique Hotels seeks to offer its guests. The goal of this chain of hotels is to encourage its visitors to immerse themselves and discover the beautiful and particular characteristics and features of village life, personal and intimate details which seem to be fading away as time and progress march on.

Established in 2015, Quaint Boutique Hotels operates four boutique hotels in the Maltese archipelago: three hotels are on the smaller island of Gozo (in Nadur, Xewkija and Sannat) and one hotel is on the larger sister island, Malta (in the historic town of Rabat). All of the budget-friendly hotels are located in the village core, close to the main “pjazza” (square), allowing the guests to learn more about the village and the traditional, local lifestyle.

Every hotel contains twelve to thirteen rooms with village views. Some rooms include an outdoor or indoor hot tub. The limited number of rooms ensures personalized attention and service. Tailor-made packages are also available for guests who wish to celebrate any special occasion. The restaurant at the ground floor provides various tasty options for breakfast as well as tantalizing dishes for the evening.

The focus is not on splurging on luxurious amenities but on exploring and learning about the narratives of that town or village. Rather than spending their holiday cooped up in their rooms or suites, guests are invited to wander around the narrow and cobbled streets of the village, meet and chat with the townspeople, visit the local band or bocci clubs and indulge their taste-buds at traditional bakeries or restaurants that can be found within walking distance of the hotels.

The hotels’ façade is reminiscent of that of a Maltese house of character, thus blending in with the architectural style of the village core. The interior design of the hotels is simple while simultaneously brimming with life and color: they reflect the life and character of the village in which the hotel is found. The wallpapers capture significant landmarks,

mesmerizing locations as well as crucial moments from the village’s history. Various faces and characters grace the walls of the hotels, celebrating the distinctive personality of every town and village. In the corridors of the hotel, one can also find memorabilia from that town or village that serve as bittersweet reminders of popular activities from the olden days.

This is Quaint Boutique Hotels’ invitation: let us help you unwind in a special place. Let us help you re-discover the simple pleasures of life which are too often forgotten or under-rated. Let us help you pause, take in and appreciate the characters, sounds, sights and smells that define a place. Let us share with you the stories that are lurking around every corner, waiting for an audience.

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