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Malta Fashion Awards Marks its 25th Anniversary

The prestigious Malta Fashion Awards celebrated its silver jubilee this year, marking 25 years of honouring and fostering excellence within the fashion industry. With the presence of Hon. Clayton Bartolo MP, Minister for Tourism, and a host of local influencers, personalities, and key members of the fashion industry, the night was a glittering spectacle filled with memorable events and moments.

The evening began with two pre-event galas, a Campari red carpet event featuring engaging brand activations, and a gathering in the lobby of The Phoenicia Malta. Here, nominees, past winners, and notable fashion personalities were interviewed by host Caroline Paris, setting an anticipatory mood for the main event.

At the grand Pjazza Tritoni, guests viewed "The Untold Story," a film that depicted the challenging journey faced by executive producer Adrian J Mizzi in establishing the Malta Fashion Awards and subsequently, Malta Fashion Week. The event also saw the presentation of Icon Awards to those who have significantly shaped the past 25 years of the fashion industry in Malta. The evening wrapped up with a breathtaking performance by renowned singer Ira Losco and a grand afterparty at The Bastion Pool, sponsored by The Phoenicia Malta.

Pre-Event Galas Set the Stage

Before the main awards ceremony, guests enjoyed two glamorous pre-events. The Campari red carpet event offered intriguing activations from brands like Aldo, Magnum, Ferrari Trento, Fiat, TRESemme, and Eva Garden. Concurrently, in the lobby of The Phoenicia Malta, Caroline Paris interviewed various fashion industry stalwarts, creating an air of excitement and celebration.

"The Untold Story" Unveils the Journey of Malta Fashion Awards

"The Untold Story," screened at Pjazza Tritoni, unveiled the inspiring narrative of the Malta Fashion Awards' establishment. The film highlighted Adrian J Mizzi's determination and resilience, shedding light on the transformative role of the awards in nurturing the local fashion industry.

Icon Awards Honour Industry Trailblazers

The Icon Awards recognized industry luminaries who have significantly impacted the Malta Fashion Awards over the past 25 years. These visionaries have left an indelible mark in their respective fields, creating a lasting legacy in the fashion industry and inspiring future generations.

Malta Fashion Awards 2023 Winners Announced

The evening's highlight was undoubtedly the announcement of this year's winners. Exceptional designers, models, stylists, and fashion professionals were honoured for their outstanding talent, innovation, and creativity.

The receivers of an Icon Award for Contribution to:

  • International Franchising - Gordon Mayo for Toni&Guy

  • Local Franchising - Sam Borg for Gagliardi

  • Fashion Styling - Marisa Grima

  • Catwalk Education - Sue Rossi

  • Fashion Modelling - Joy Gatt

  • Fashion Shows - Glorianne Camilleri for Hot Couture

  • Outstanding Contribution Hair & Makeup Industry - Elaine Galea

  • Fashion Journalism - Caroline Tonna for Elegance

  • Style Trendsetting - Carina Camilleri

  • Fashion Design - Charles&Ron

Ira Losco Elevates the Celebration

Renowned singer Ira Losco further elevated the celebration, captivating the audience with her mesmerising performance. Her electrifying presence added a touch of glamour to the night.

Afterparty at The Bastion Pool

The celebration concluded with a glamorous afterparty sponsored by The Phoenicia Malta at The Bastion Pool. Overlooking Malta's fortifications, the venue provided a spectacular backdrop for a night of celebration and networking.

The 25th anniversary of the Malta Fashion Awards underscored the event's enduring influence and its pivotal role in shaping Malta's local fashion industry. The milestone celebration highlighted the awards' remarkable journey, its impact on the growth of the fashion sector, and its commitment to recognising and promoting talent. It showcased Malta's vibrant fashion scene and set the stage for continued success in the years to come.


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