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Malta International Airport Serves 379,000 Passengers in February.

  • February’s busiest day accounted for 17,531 passenger movements.

  • During Carnival weekend, an average SLF of 88 per cent was achieved.

  • The average SLF for the month stood at 82.6 per cent.

Malta International Airport celebrated an impressive growth in traffic last February, with a nearly twofold increase from the previous year to reach 379,073 passengers passing through its doors. This incredible surge is indicative of an optimistic outlook for future travel prospects at this Mediterranean hub.

Despite its truncated timeframe, Malta International Airport only experienced a relatively minuscule decline in traffic for the month of February, with just 262 fewer passenger movements than January.

February saw a remarkable rise in passenger traffic as the Carnival season and school holidays reached their peak. Passenger movements peaked on the 18th, boasting a whopping 17,531 passengers with an impressive average seat load factor of 88%.

On the other hand, the month’s average SLF stood at 82.6 per cent, marking an increase of 6.8 per cent over the seat occupancy registered by Malta International Airport in February 2019.

Italy, the UK and France retained their spots among Europe's top five markets in February while Germany rose one place to take fourth position; Poland rounded out this quintet.

Airports Council International reported that January 2023 saw a significant step forward in the European travel industry's resurgence since the onset of COVID-19, with traffic results more closely resembling pre-pandemic levels.


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