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Malta's Fireworks Festival Returns

This week the Visit Malta Team along with our many local pyrotechnicians will be busy preparing for Malta's annual Fireworks Festival Event, an event enjoyed by many Maltese and visitors to the Maltese Islands.

The Maltese tradition of fireworks dates back centuries to the times of the Order of the Knights of St John, who used to celebrate important feasts with a show of pyrotechnic displays. As many who have visited Malta during the summer know, the Maltese have kept this tradition very much alive to this day.

The Malta Fireworks Festival starts on the 20th of April, having seven events throughout the Maltese Islands:

20th April Ghadira Bay, Mellieha

22nd April Ingraw Area, Mellieha

23rd April Hondoq Bay, Gozo

26th April Marsascala

29th April Mqabba

30th April Grand Harbour, Valletta

30th April Granaries, Floriana

The grand finale will have two events. One display of fireworks over the Grand Harbour and the other a display of ground fireworks. The Mechanical Ground Fireworks Festival is organised by Floriana Local Council in Collaboration with the MTA and will be held on the Granaries in Floriana.

For more information refer to

or contact Visit Malta on or +356 22915000


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