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Malta's Leading Content House Creator Ready to Conquer the Land of Opportunity

Born on August 10th, 2002, Isaak Grech Fenech has already established himself as an accomplished talent manager and creative director, who is responsible for managing multiple influencers. A savvy social media and marketing manager in the performing arts and Content House arena, Fenech is widely recognized for his creative and entrepreneurial abilities. He has spearheaded multiple original events in his native Malta.

In 2017, Fenech co- founded “Wicked Events,” a live musical performance sponsored by the Malta Tourism Authority and featuring pop star, HRVY. It became an annual event that continues until this day. Catering to a teenage audience, it drew huge audiences and widespread media coverage.

In spite of the challenges posed by COVID-19, Fenech and his business partner, Luke Bedford persevered to open Clubhouse Europe in Malta in September 2020 - one of the first content houses in all of Europe. To kickstart their venture, they enlisted nine Maltese girls as talent and quickly progressed even further by signing four international influencers. The hard- working team then embarked on an exchange trip to fabulous Beverly Hills for some well-earned inspiration from likeminded professionals!

Fenech is an acclaimed manager and creative director with a plethora of impressive projects to his name. He has steered the careers of talented artists such as Gage Bills, Henry Galea and Just Boggi, produced marketing campaigns for fashion designer Charles & Ron, plus executed events for luxury jewellery brand ZYDO - proving himself invaluable in multiple disciplines within the industry.

Fenech has achieved remarkable success at a young age. His knowledge of the music and entertainment world, his groundbreaking establishment of the content house, combined with his unsurpassed social media and marketing skills, have gained him worldwide recognition. He has now been invited to serve as Creative Director of XO Team – one of the most renowned social media content houses in the world known for its unique experiences. We are excited to see the impact he will have on XO Team!


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