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Malta welcomes Digital Nomads with specialised Residency Permit.

Malta is seeking to lure Digital Nomads who want to move to the country to work Remotely.

The program costs €300 and includes a six-month visa as well as the possibility of earning a one-year 'Nomad Residence Permit.'

To be considered, candidates must establish that they are employed remotely by a company headquartered abroad, that they operate a business, or that they provide freelancing services to clients based abroad.

Applicants will be subjected to a due diligence process that includes a requirement that they have "a good reputation and excellent police conduct." They must have a valid passport as well as confirmation that they are currently residing in Malta.

Since digital nomads often pay their taxes in a separate jurisdiction, applicants will be required to present proof of health insurance to secure access to health care.

Why should Digital Nomads choose Malta?


Malta is one of the safest destinations one can go to in Europe and in the Mediterranean. The Crime Rate in Malta is unbelievably low compared to other countries around Europe and the Mediterranean, making it one of the most peaceful destinations one can opt for.

In terms of COVID-19, Malta has the highest number of vaccinated individuals globally, making it one of the safest jurisdictions.

The Weather

A prominent attraction is Malta’s sunny weather and warm climate. - with over 300 days of sunshine every year.

The weather is warm all year round.

During the rest of the year, you’re in for a treat. I personally swim from March all the way till November, so you get the idea.


English is one of the island’s official languages, together with Maltese. This, in itself, is a major attraction since you won’t have any problems at all with communication. A good percentage of the population also speaks Italian due to the island’s proximity and connections with Italy.


Although Malta boasts of its traditional Mediterranean Cuisine, this is not just about it. Malta is home to restaurants and food outlets serving food traditional to different markets, such as Asian, African, and Indian.

Malta is also home to a number of luxurious restaurants, specialising in all kinds of cuisine.


As mentioned, with its warm weather and climate, Malta is home to beautiful beaches. Its crystal clear blue water is an attraction in itself, and attracts thousands of divers and swimmers all year round.

Culture and History

In Malta, you will find yourself surrounded by 7000 years of living history and culture. Travel back in time by visiting key Maltese cities such as Mdina and Valletta, as well the neighbouring islands of Comino and Gozo, and you'll discover the amazing historical events that have shaped the destiny of Europe and the world.


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