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Mavenry Celebrates First Anniversary with Spectacular Fashion Show and After-Party

Mavenry, the esteemed retailer specialising in fashion, accessories, and beauty products, commemorated its first anniversary in a grandiose manner at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The momentous occasion, known as "Amazing You Live!", enthralled a distinguished audience of 1,000 guests and devoted fashion enthusiasts with a dazzling fashion presentation showcasing an impressive collection of nearly 100 beautifully curated ensembles.

The highlight of the evening was the exclusive display of fall and winter collections from renowned brands available only at Mavenry. The fashion show took a creative twist, ingeniously reflecting and narrating Mavenry's current story. The models showcased the fashion items under different lighting conditions, representing the changing lights of day, from morning to afternoon, evening, and even the after-party.

To elevate the overall experience, live music and DJing were meticulously curated to complement the show's shifting moods and aesthetics. The tunes seamlessly transitioned alongside the evolving fashion on the runway, captivating the audience's senses. The show concluded with an electrifying after-party led by the talented DJ Ant, ensuring the celebration continued well into the night.

Karl Micallef, the CEO of Blue Rock Group, the company that owns and operates Mavenry, expressed his pride and gratitude on the occasion. He shared, "Our store was born as an act of faith. We strongly believed that Malta was ready for a unique concept store, a haven for fashion, shoes, eyewear, and beauty lines that epitomise the gold standard set by Paris, New York, and Milan. Today, one year on, I am proud to say that we look to the future with even more inspiration, vision, and drive."

Mavenry has established itself as a go-to destination for fashion-forward individuals seeking exclusive and exceptional collections. With its commitment to providing a curated selection of top-tier brands and a delightful shopping experience, Mavenry has become a true pioneer in the Maltese fashion industry.


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