Meet Nena Kay - champion fashion and lifestyle Influencer in Malta

Meet the beautiful Nena Kay and Suzana Simijonovic - sisters both in blood and spirit.

Nena Kay. Burnt Umber. Image copyright: Suzana Simijonovic

Nena, model and artist and Suzana, photographer and make-up artist are embodiments of the new global digital nomads. As a fashionista, influencer and style icon to her 101K Instagram followers, Nena Kay's impact is impressive.

Originally from Serbia, Nena and Suzana followed the classic path to Malta of falling in love with the island whilst on holiday here. Fast forward eight years and both girls live here full time as the base for their worldwide adventures.

Nena is a natural model; hugely photogenic as well as delicately beautiful in real, she has a gamine style and elegance that is reminiscent of Sixties’ film stars.

Nena Kay. Copyright image: Suzana Simijonovic

Suzana, followed the same degree course, then specialised in make- up design and photography. As a model, Nena’s impact on viewing figures was always impressive for her clients and so, two years ago, it made perfect sense to combine their talents to start a business for themselves, blogging fashion and style the Nena way.

Suzana Simijonovic, Nena Kay. Image Copyright: Nena Kay

Blogging facts: Did you know?:

  • 76% of marketers plan to produce more content through their blogs in the coming years.

  • 23% of all time spent online is focused on social media and reading blog content related sites

  • There are currently over 6.7 million people blogging in the world today, 12 million more are blogging through social media platforms.

But not all Bloggers are successful or can make it their primary source of income so what makes nena_kay_ stand out in such a large crowd?

Nena Kay. Copyright image: Suzana Simijonovic

Nena Kay. Copyright image: Suzana Simijonovic

‘Communication between the subject and the photographer is intrinsic to a beautiful photograph’, Suzana explains in her perfect English. ‘Nena is a natural photographic model and she understands the Instagram principles. This platform is exactly right for our concept of “a picture paints a thousand words.” Nena and I devise a concept, a storyboard if you will, and we design the photograph to tell the whole story through a pose’. Nena picks up here and says. ‘We were surprised in one way by the success of our site but, equally, we work very hard to make the photos look easy and natural. We curate every image and so the viewers are captivated and delighted because we are speaking their language, but without saying a word’.

So how much work goes into one photograph? They give each other that look that people who can finish each other’s sentences do and both start laughing. ‘We had a trip to Paris: four hotels, three days, full change of outfits each photo’, Nena replies.’Six photos. All intrinsically Paris. Everyone was delighted and the feedback was awesome.’

‘Success also comes from integrity’, states Suzana. ‘We are approached by many brands, but we ensure that we remain true, to both our ideals and to Nena’s style. Not to do so is disrespectful to her audience and followers and to the existing brands who we work with and support. No one likes a fake.’

Nena Kay. Copyright image: Suzana Simijonovic

How is life in Malta when they are here? ‘Fabulous’, says Nena. ’For me the weather is a delight every single day. It can get pretty cold in Serbia and I don’t do cold! Blue skies and sunshine, friendly people and kindness. We literally could not speak one word of English when we first came here but everyone was helpful and kind to us. It’s a wonderful island.’

Nena Kay. Copyright image: Suzana Simijonovic

One minute Q and A:

Best for coffee? - French Affaire, Tigné Point – people watching at its best.

Best for dinner ? – Barracuda, St Julian’s – best view, best food.

Best beach? – Golden Bay, Malta and all of Gozo

Heels or flats?- Heels all the way, except on the beach.

Ambition? - To learn Spanish this year.

Favourite perfume? – Premier Jour by Nina Ricci

Do you have a secret? - Yes.

Will you tell it? – No.

Follow Nena on and maybe you might just find out that secret!

Thank you, Nena and Suzana – great conversation at The Palace Hotel, TemptAsian Gazebo.

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