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MFW 2023: An Exquisite Finale of Fashion Excellence on Day 5

Valletta, Malta - July 7, 2023 - The stylish denouement of Malta Fashion Week 2023 transpired on Day 5, presenting an opulent display of flair, fashion, and artistry. Honoured by the presence of esteemed guests such as Hon. Clayton Bartolo MP, Minister for Tourism, the event played host to three spectacular runway shows, leaving the spectators in awe. Italian couturier Elisabetta Rende, Maltese home-grown brand Gagliardi, and the illustrious pair Charles and Ron unveiled their mesmerising collections, followed by a chic afterparty, courtesy of Campari.

The final day of Malta Fashion Week was further elevated by the presence of Hon. Clayton Bartolo MP, Minister for Tourism. His presence underscored the government's acknowledgement of the fashion industry as a significant cultural and economic force within the tourism sector, expressing its commitment to championing local and international talents.

Elisabetta Rende: The Epitome of Italian Sophistication

The evening's celebrations commenced with a thrilling showcase by Italian designer Elisabetta Rende, a fresh face at Malta Fashion Week. Rende's collection, centred around the theme of a deconstructed suit, pushed the boundaries of conventional formal attire. Her designs epitomised Italian sophistication, merging classic and modern aesthetics, exuding an air of refined elegance.

Gagliardi: A Local Favourite Ascending to Global Acclaim

Following Rende's presentation, the attention turned towards Gagliardi, a cherished local label that has garnered international recognition. Noted for their precision tailoring, Gagliardi courageously featured both male and female models on the runway, embodying gender inclusivity and challenging established norms. The collection showcased the brand's signature style - a perfect blend of timeless elegance and contemporary sensibilities, much to the delight of the spectators.

Charles and Ron: The Maltese Duo Captivating the Red Carpet

The evening reached its zenith with a display by local celebrity favourites, Charles and Ron. The dynamic duo unveiled their winter collection, "Limestone Sunset," encapsulating the beauty of the Maltese landscape. Their designs, lauded for their unique prints and meticulous detail, demonstrated their versatile craftsmanship and their seamless ability to merge fashion with art. Charles and Ron reaffirmed their status as red carpet favourites, entrancing the audience with their exceptional creativity and panache.

Campari Spritz Afterparty: A Celebration and Refined Elegance

The enthralling Day 5 of Malta Fashion Week culminated in an exclusive afterparty, sponsored by Campari. Attendees savoured the delightful Campari Spritz cocktail amidst an atmosphere of celebration and refined elegance. The afterparty served as a gathering place for designers, industry insiders, and fashion enthusiasts to socialise, commemorate the event's achievements, and engage in discussions about the impact of fashion on societal norms and tourism.

The 2023 edition of Malta Fashion Week has been a resounding triumph, illuminating the vibrant fashion landscape in Malta and its contributions to the global stage. The event underscores the island's dedication to cultivating local talents while fostering international partnerships and positioning Malta as a trendsetting fashion destination.


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