MICAS – a cultural magnet in the Med. - Innovators and Disruptors welcome.

Malta's first contemporary art space brings leading cultural figures and government ministers together.

MICAS Launch. Malta. Hon Dr Owen Bonnici. Image Copyright: DOI Pierre Sammut

MICAS Launch. Malta. Copyright Temple Concierge Ltd

The beautiful, half-forgotten garden of Sa Maison, also known as Il Ġnien tal-Milorda, Floriana, was brought to life this morning with Malta’s leading cultural figures and government ministers who, together, are behind the creation of MICAS (Malta International Contemporary Art Space).

Francis Sultana, Designer, Cultural Ambassador for Malta and renowned contemporary art guru is at the forefront of this fantastic concept. Working with some of the best names in art, the MICAS team will deliver a world class experience.

MICAS. Francis Sultana. Image Copyright Temple Concierge

MICAS is Malta’s first contemporary art space: space being the optimum word, as with a footprint of over 13,000 square metres, MICAS is designed to be used, enjoyed and gloried in. It is not just another museum. Contemporary artists work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world. Malta is currently one of the most exciting countries in the Med, in terms of growth, opportunity and expansion and so an artform that questions, provokes, inspires and disrupts is a very necessary cultural addition, as well as an exciting opportunity for Maltese artists.

MICAS Launch. Phyllis Muscat. Image Copyright Temple Concierge

Its location is in the former Ospizio site and the adjacent Ritirata in Floriana; this choice of site was no accident. Chair, Phyllis Muscat, began the morning by introducing the MICAS ethos. She explained that harnessing the culture and energy of an existing Maltese institution with a dynamic artform was more in tune with both the Island’s’ philosophy of preservation and perseverance and the long-term ideals of Valletta, Capital of Culture, than in commissioning a new building. Inspiring creativity is key but innovation is intrinsic to Maltese life. For MICAS to become part of Maltese cultural life, as well as an international platform for an exchange of ideas, it must be part of the fabric of Malta.

A visual presentation to show the scope and scale of MICAS – slated for full launch in 2021- showcased a whole new world of art for Malta.

MICAS Launch. Hon Dr Owen Bonnici. Image Copyright Temple Concierge

Hon Dr Owen Bonnici, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government was fulsome in his delight at the potential for change that MICAS will bring to Malta. Describing it as ‘a cultural magnet in the Mediterranean’, he welcomed both the idea and the reality of ‘contemporary art bringing innovation and disruption to Malta’. He thanked all the Maltese artists who have pushed for this to become a new facet in the cultural movement of Malta, as well as the MICAS team who are making it happen.

October 2018 will see the first ‘Big Name’ to come to Malta. Ugo Rondinone is a Swiss-born, New York based mixed-media artist. His art uses the qualities of the everyday whilst asking us to consider the boundaries between fiction and reality. Ugo Rondione, possibly most famous for his iconic Seven Magic Mountains, a series of totemic, colourful ‘marshmallows’ in the Nevada Desert, will launch MICAS with a bespoke installation on 12th October 2018 as well as an A/V exhibition to explain the transformation of the Ospizio into MICAS.

Ugo Rondinone:Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016. Photo by Gianfranco Gorgoni. Courtesy of Art Production Fund and Nevada Museum of Art.

Contemporary art is coming to Malta in a big way. A combination of exhibitions, talks and installations will explain, introduce and provoke us throughout October. Put it in your diary now and see history in the making.

For further information, contact info@micas.art

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