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Playful photo experiences & professional image activation. Unique social media content by Photomaker

Photomaker Malta creates engaging and playful photo experiences and image activation; their reputation is synonymous with attention to detail and guaranteed standards. 

Everything they do is aimed at creating unique content which can be branded and used to gain exposure and traction on social media. Many of you will be familiar with their exclusive photo booth services you see at numerous events. But that's not all they do.

They also offer Photo Mosaic Walls and 360° video experiences.  A Photo Mosaic Wall is created during an event and is supplied with a guarantee that the mosaic is completed by the time your event comes to an end.  The photos are automatically taken from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths or and on-site photographers' cameras. They emerge as self adhesive tiles which over the course of the event, gradually come together to make up the final ‘reveal’ which could be your logo, a newly launched product such as a luxury vehicle or a premium item of jewellery.  The client receives the physical mosaic as well as an HD version for use on social media.

A 360° video experience is the most revolutionary trend in the entertainment industry.  Clients or guests are invited to stand on a platform, around which a camera rotates while shooting a short video. Branding and/or different effects, such as Slo-Mo or overlays are applied to your requirements. It is made ready for sharing by email or to FB & Instagram in a few short minutes via a separate social media sharing station set up nearby.

Photomaker Malta is available right now for online consultations and quotations - and of course will be fully operational as soon as the Covid-19 Restrictions are lifted.

Contact: Michèle Vella Distefano, (owner)



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