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"Quality all the way" - Tiffany Pisani talks Cavesson's & Fashion Week.

Tiffany Pisani – Miss Malta, Britain’s Next Top Model, Malta’s entrant for Miss Universe 2017, brand ambassador for Cavesson’s and DJ, is walking her 11th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta, beginning with the Dizz show on Saturday night.

TEMPLE caught up with Tiffany backstage for a few minutes between shows to discuss life, work and why a good bag always helps.

Malta Fashion Week TEMPLE Magazine

Why a Cavesson’s bag?

Tiffany – Quality all the way. It’s a beautiful design, very well made and frankly, it’s exceptional. It looks good with everything and, importantly, I can fit all my ‘stuff’ in it without the bag losing its shape.

I love the colours and the contrasting linings. I have the Winterbourne tote and the yellow lining just makes the bag that bit more special. It even matches my dress tonight!

I travel frequently so having a bag that I can take on any airline, without worrying about cabin bag restrictions, is a big relief. I also like the fact that the leather is really soft, but the bag is really sturdy. I don’t have to worry about anything breaking on it or in it.’

Can we be nosey and ask what’s in it for Fashion Week?

‘Clothes. Four pairs of shoes. Make up – a lot of make up! Water, moisturisers, phone and charger, perfume, chewing gum, cigarettes and lighter, notebook. And still plenty of room. I love it’.

Quick Fire Questions Round

Favourite Scent ?

Marc Jacobs’ Decadence

Best film so far?


First song guaranteed to get people on the dance floor?

Anything by Carl Cox.

And to get them off?

Despacito - by anyone!

What do you wish you’d known at 18?

Laughs – ‘Everything I know now! Hmm; that my parents actually knew more than I did and I should really have listened a bit more.’

Where will you be next May?

‘Hopefully here at Fashion Week but also in Barcelona and then Curaçao.’

Who do you want to win the FIFA World Cup?

‘Sweden – I have a thing for Sweden; even my bag is in their national colours.’

Most expensive purchase other than a house?

‘A boat – my husband and I bought a beautiful boat. We charter it out when we are not in Malta – which is a lot of the time – but it is a real luxury to have a boat when we are here.’

Where are you going after the show?

St Julian’s– I am DJing for Lollipop; 1,000 guests are coming, it’s going to be amazing.’

Thank you, Tiffany – always a pleasure.

Cavesson’s bags and wallets are available exclusively at LOFT, Naxxar, Malta and online

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