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First for Malta - a new perspective with Biscotti at Blitz, Valletta

Three Works and a Script

Blitz, Malta’s unique contemporary art space in Valletta, is currently hosting internationally renowned artist Rossella Biscotti until 23 March 2019. Set in a classically beautiful Malta townhouse in St Lucia Street, Valletta, the gallery is worth visiting any time to see the exquisitely preserved architectural details and to absorb the sense of a more gracious time. Rosella Biscotti’s exhibition, Three Works and a Script is aptly titled as it tells you precisely what you will find in the art space during this exhibition.

Curated by Sara Dolfi Agostini and developed as a bespoke installation for Blitz, Three Works and a Script showcases works which give ‘snapshot’ style insights into the big picture of the times we live in now. Biscotti’s work is influenced by Dada and Duchamp as well as her own unique concept of challenging the received wisdom of the day.

The Undercover Man. Rossella Biscotti. Blitz 2019 ©AlexandraPace
The Undercover Man. Rossella Biscotti. Blitz 2019 ©AlexandraPace

With The Undercover Man (2008), Biscotti reviews the testimony of FBI agent Joseph Pistone - aka Donnie Brasco for those who remember the Hollywood film – and his covert work with the mafia. Using film noir techniques intercut with actual FBI footage and disrupted audio, Biscotti presages the current situation in Trumpian America with the rise of fake news, manipulation of facts and reliance on personal memory.

Acquired Nationality. Rossella Biscotti. Blitz 2019 ©AlexandraPace
Acquired Nationality. Rossella Biscotti. Blitz 2019 ©AlexandraPace

Acquired Nationality (2014) is a thought provoking and challenging installation. A beautiful and tactile ‘carpet’ appears to be rolling down the wall to the Maltese tiled floor below. Referencing avant-garde geometric art and the strict interplay between colour and form, the concept of the automated loom (Jacquard) programmed by the data processing cards or ‘punch cards’ is shown connecting creativity with order and technology with design. These ‘opposites’ are reflected in the social construct of migration and cultural identity we especially see today around us in Malta.

Alfabeto. Rossella Biscotti. Blitz 2019 ©AlexandraPace
Alfabeto. Rossella Biscotti. Blitz 2019 ©AlexandraPace

Alfabeto (2018) uses photography as the medium across twelve prints to document human struggle, while The Journey (2016 ongoing) uses multiple media platforms to show us the juxtaposition of The Mediterranean in today’s consciousness. Holiday destination, ecosystem under siege, defence barrier and scene of the 21st century’s largest migration route are the themes to ponder.

Through Rossella Biscotti’s personal life and her international career we are invited to look, perceive, become part of or just be a disinterested spectator on art in the age of the machine. Whatever your view on Contemporary Art, this exhibition is well worth visiting for its timeless qualities and simplicity in asking us to see differently.

Exhibition open until 23 March 2019.

Opening times:

Tuesday to Friday, 1 – 6pm Saturday 10am – 1pm Sunday, Monday, public holidays – closed Free entry

Blitz, 68 St Lucia Street, Valletta VLT1181

00 356 21 22 49 92

Photography courtesy of Blitz


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