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See what these film producers and artists had to say about Malta

"To shoot in Malta has been incredible"

Throughout the years, Malta has managed to attract a number of high-profile film productions. Productions have traditionally chosen Malta because of its unique combination of great locations, excellent crew and service, the world-renowned water tanks and a strong cash rebate programme.

The Malta Film Commission has recently launched a short video showcasing what film producers, artists and film crew had to say about their experience in Malta.

You can watch the whole video here:

We have taken the liberty of listing few of the comments made by film makers below.

John Krasinski, one of the leading actors in the movie 13 Hours, praised Malta's spectrum of locations and the film crew that were able to build film sets in specific locations.

There is a huge spectrum of locations that has allowed us to do so much that it was so helpful to us in a movie where we were doubling Malta for another place.. There's so much set decoration and building to be done and we were able to do it so well here.

This was also complemented by actor Rob Lowe from You, Me and the Apocalypse who said,

It's so picturesque, it can be so many different things.. How nice the people were.. how nice I was treated.. how well it served us in terms of what we needed as filmmakers.

Patrick Crowley, from the productions of Assassins' Creed and Jurassic World, said

Malta had the best locations, a combination of locations, a vast number of locations that worked exactly as they were.. and so that was attractive.

In terms of infrastructure and filming crew, Assassin's Creed producer Frank Marshall praised Malta's infrastructure in the comments he made.

The infrastructure that's here, there were a lot of movies that have been shot here, great accommodations, great basic crew that's already here and that's used to having movies here.. so if you add everything up Malta was really the perfect place for us to come. The support that we had here has been fantastic.

Michael Malone, executive producer of the first Apple TV series being shot in Malta, said that

I would recommend any film crew to come here. We have worked on the water tanks, various locations, the film crew here is highly professional and highly proficient.

Producer Erwin Stoff spoke about his experience as a producer working on productions in Malta

This is the anything you could ever hope to do in the United States. Filming was just terrific, people were incredibly cooperative, and the local crew is just terrific. They have a fantastic work ethic, helpful in every way imaginable. Obviously everybody speaks English. They're really used to work with both American and and UK crews.

All film makers mentioned how well they were served in Malta, also with the support of the Malta Film Commission. This was especially during COVID-19 times, where, as producer Patrick Crowley said,

Malta worked with us in order to adjust to COVID, the Film Commission was able to give us Government assurance that we would be able to get our film crew in, our actors in, which I don't think there's any other Government in the world in which they could give that kind of solid ambition.

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