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Temple Issue 8 is out now!

Another wonderful issue of Temple Magazine is now in circulation, Issue 8.

In this issue we meet with various personalities living in Malta ranging from wildlife photographers to statisticians to private chefs and much more.

What can a wildlife photographer do whilst confined to Malta, a country with little to no wildlife? The role of a statistician and how it works to predict things in our daily lives.

Private chef experiences in your home, workplace or on your yacht. How a foreign investor revived a local business, looking forward to a future of more opportunity in Malta.

Malta’s Transport authority briefs us on the recent successes of the Maltese Flag, ranking amongst the top in superyacht registrations and its recognition by the US Coast Guard. Yachting Malta Limited Chairman summarizes the successful Superyacht Symposium, the first of its kind in Malta, which took place in July. Be on the look out for the next one as places are limited and the event sells out fast. Maltese women in strategic roles. The head of the Authority for responsible use of Cannabis briefs us on the roles and strategies of the authority. A seasoned Maltese businesswoman takes local spas to a new level. A young Maltese lady sets her sight on our few high-rises, promoting them to her international clientele.

All this and much more in Issue 8.

Order your copy here or purchase your copy from select Agenda outlets.


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