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TEMPLE TALKS MALTA - Top PODCAST Series for Malta - Everyone's talking about it!

News travels fast and TEMPLE TALKS MALTA is the podcast series which talks the 'now' with guests from around the Maltese Islands. Listen in to well-know personalities talking about their lives and adventures, as well as some of Malta's leading business people, head of organisations, health experts, artists, musicians and actors.

Every week TEMPLE TALKS MALTA will welcome new guests to the series - so make sure you come back and check for our latest episodes. If you'd like to subscribe to our podcast series go to TEMPLE ONLINE - we'll make sure we stay in touch with all of our latest news.

We look forward to entertaining you!

Listen in right now: TEMPLE TALKS MALTA - Podcast Series


If you would like to feature your company, brand, service, organisation or event within TEMPLE magazine, or within our podcast series TEMPLE TALKS MALTA, or on our FEATURED Article page, please contact us directly:

T: +356 9970 1524


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