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The Girls Valletta: Beauty, Art and Fashion

Situated in the captivating centre of Valletta, The Girls is a premier beauty salon exuding elegance and refinement. With two prestigious locations in Malta – one in Sliema and the other in Valletta – this opulent sanctuary for beauty has swiftly garnered the admiration of both locals and expatriates alike.

The Valletta branch is located within a charming building of character, providing guests with an idyllic retreat from the lively city streets outside. As you enter the salon, you are instantly greeted by a welcoming reception area, embellished with captivating artwork from talented local artists. This alluring atmosphere lays the foundation for a remarkable experience, enveloping clients in an environment that effortlessly fuses classic allure with modern opulence.

The establishment offers a diverse selection of first-rate services, including expert hair, makeup and nail treatments, as well as cutting-edge facial and body therapies. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by attentive staff who graciously present a choice of tea, coffee, or a glass of sparkling wine, enhancing their luxurious pampering experience.

A team of highly skilled nail technicians takes pride in their exceptional attention to detail and absolute dedication to their craft. With extensive experience in the industry, these professionals excel in providing top-quality nail services, ensuring that each client receives a personalised and meticulous treatment. Their expertise, combined with a passion for staying current with the latest trends and techniques, allows them to consistently exceed clients' expectations, making them an invaluable asset to the salon's reputation for excellence.

In addition to its outstanding beauty services, The Girls Valletta demonstrates a dedication to promoting sustainability within the luxury sector. The salon features a fashion corner that presents pre-owned designer items from Label Store, enabling guests to discover refined, eco-conscious treasures. Catering to those in search of upscale resort wear, the salon also showcases a magnificent selection of seasonal items. This curated collection boasts an array of polished and fashionable pieces, making the boutique an essential destination for discerning fashion enthusiasts.

Among the highlights of the venue is its ability to host gatherings of women seeking an all-encompassing beauty experience in a sophisticated setting. The visitors can get their nails, hair as well as make-up done as they are surrounded by a vibrant ambience, enhanced by carefully curated music that sets the mood for relaxation and enjoyment. With Prosecco in hand, guests can revel in lively conversations and camaraderie while preparing for a grand event or a memorable day out in the bustling capital. This harmonious blend of professionalism, creativity, and a captivating atmosphere transforms every visit into a truly unforgettable indulgence.

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