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The Living vs The Dead - and it's NOT what you imagine! Dwal Ġodda's theatre production this month..

Dwal Ġodda’s forthcoming theatre production ‘Ħajjin vs Mejtin’ (The ‘Living vs the Dead’) does not pitch the dead against the living but just presents those which are presumed dead having a different view-point and perspective for a line of action than those who consider themselves alive.

The play is situated in a surreal mortuary where the Supervisor and cleaners meet the mourners, the funeral directors, and the caskets’ bearers. When some of these are overwhelmed with greed, then the dead come to life not knowing exactly how to proceed.

This happens without the living being aware of it. So, how do the living cross paths with the dead? Is it true that treading through life can become 'gilded mediocrity'? When all is said and done, during the play, or after, the audience have to decipher a modus operandi before Rigor Mortis sets in.

‘Ħajjin vs Mejtin’ (in 2 acts, penned by Martin Gauci) is being presented at the Għargħur Theatre Space by Dwal Ġodda on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd at 8.00pm and Sunday 24th at 6.30pm.

With this production, Dwal Ġodda invites its audience to join in a year-long theatrical celebration commemorating the fiftieth year since the group was founded by trying to push the boundaries for its future.

For more information and tickets:

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