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The Ultimate in Concierge Services for Malta

Temple Concierge ‘Goes Over and Above’ raising the bar of service levels in Malta. 

This personalised, high-end concierge service provider redefines the meaning of luxury, through the delivery of high-end experiences, on the Maltese Islands.

Having opened its doors in November 2016, Temple Concierge has since worked to redefine the high-end sector in Malta by offering never-before-available corporate and personal services to companies and individuals from across the globe. Filling a gap in the existing market, the company offers services that range from day to day lifestyle management to creating and planning unique events.

“As Malta continues to build on its international standing by becoming a hotspot for businesses, the film industry, yachting enthusiasts and high-end travellers, it is becoming increasingly important to offer a service that gives time back to the busiest of people,” explains Mr Marc Mason, one of the co-founders of Temple Concierge. “Yet, unlike companies that simply offer concierge services, Temple Concierge goes over and above that to provide a bespoke and personalised service that is akin to having a personal assistant with a range of expertise – something that is unparalleled in Malta.”

Temple Concierge has various levels of service that include Private and Business options, as well as one-off concierge services. It also provides Temple Members with exclusive benefits, including the use of personal assistants while on the island, entrance to the most in-demand restaurants and bars, tickets to international events, and expedited deliveries of luxury goods from anywhere in the world. 

“No task is too big or too small for us and, from organising weddings to crafting unsurpassable five-star trips, we look forward to hearing from you,” Mr Mason concludes.

For more information on Temple Concierge and its services, please visit

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