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Top PODCAST Series for Malta - TEMPLE TALKS MALTA - reaches 1000's of listeners

TEMPLE TALKS MALTA has quickly become one of Malta's most popular podcast series. Featuring lively in depth chats with well-know personalities, leading business people, health experts, artists and musicians, the series covers a spectrum of Maltese life in real-time.

'We'd been planning and talking about TEMPLE TALKS MALTA for several months prior to the Covid-19 lock-down. The podcast series has been part of our business enhancement plan for months, and whilst it stands alone as its own brand, we wanted it to complement TEMPLE Magazine as well as our other online brands within our media mix. Which it has done very quickly!

Within the current pandemic confinements, and the ability to work 100% remotely, we've been able to support and promote some of Malta's key support organisations as well as talking to a wide range of personalities and business people about how they are handling the situation and their immensely positive responses - it's fascinating and uplifting listening'. Marc Mason, Publisher and Producer

'TEMPLE TALKS MALTA is gaining a huge response with some episodes seeing more than 300 downloads in just a week. Professionally produced podcasts are a powerful way to connect with your audience - they're so personal, like radio - a direct way to communicate and to entertain and to educate. Of course the listener has control over a podcast - they have a choice on when they want to listen in - and that only adds to their extraordinary impact. We are the ‘earphone generation’ and more likely to take action, when listening to a branded story than watching any other digital medium - it's off-screen magic'. Susanna Hornby, MD and Host.

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If you'd like to know more about our podcast series please call: +356 9970 1524 or email us at

Every week TEMPLE TALKS MALTA will welcome new guests to the series - so make sure you come back and check for our latest episodes. If you'd like to subscribe to our podcast series go to TEMPLE ONLINE - we'll make sure we stay in touch with all of our latest news.

We look forward to entertaining you!

Listen in right now: TEMPLE TALKS MALTA - Podcast Series


If you would like to feature your company, brand, service, organisation or event within TEMPLE magazine, or within our podcast series TEMPLE TALKS MALTA, or on our FEATURED Article page, please contact us directly:

T: +356 9970 1524


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