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Understated luxury on the doorsteps of the capital

Entrepreneur Riccardo Giraudi rewrote the rules of fine dining when he created Beefbar, a brand born in his native Monte-Carlo that now lives in the world’s most sought-after cities. Giraudi, known for his commercial Midas touch, infused the haute cuisine scene with a soft-focus and an at-times playful and suggestive energy - and this is the true key to its success. By banishing the rigidity usually associated with top class restaurants, Giraudi and Monaco-based architecture and interior design firm Humbert & Poyet have found an art form in delivering quality in both design and taste. The focus is placed on freshness through purity with an element of daring, by carefully crafting dishes using the most revered cuts of meat in the world.

Upon opening its doors in Malta, Beefbar on the Beach took the island’s fine dining scene to a new level of understated luxury. Instantly met with enthusiasm from those with a taste for the finer, more fashionable things in life, it's easy to see why the brand continues to grow to new heights.

Beefbar is now opening a second set of elegant doors on the island, this time in the prestigious Phoenicia Malta – the most iconic 5-star establishment in the country. Located right on Valletta's doorstep, Beefbar in the City sits against the backdrop of the capital's historic 16th-century bastions, and the synchronicity of these two icons of luxury and culture is setting chic hearts racing. Combining their expertise in gastronomy, architecture, atmosphere and service, this new offering will be a brand-new journey into indulgence and exclusivity.

Following their celebrated design work for Beefbarlocations around the world, the latest addition to Humbert & Poyet’s portfolio of passion projects is Beefbar in the City. Featuring bespoke elements custom crafted for this unique space, the newest designs underline their classic hallmarks of craftsmanship and attention to detail. While Beefbar on the Beach radiates fresh, airy and spacious golden coastal vibes, the new location is a more intimate affair, enclosed in a classic stately structure with a dedicated outdoor area for elegant al fresco dining.

Drop in to sample the iconic street food dishes that put Beefbar on the map, as well as some dramatic new unveilings that are generating buzz amongst foodies in-the-know. Certified Japanese Kobe beef, corn-fed American Prime Black Angus beef and Australian WX Wagyu beef are cooked to perfection at Beefbar. Executive Chef Thierry Paludetto’s patented cooking method traps the perfectly marbled meat into a rich juicy tenderness, encased by a delightfully crispy seal. Once broken, the flawlessly cooked beef is set free to melt on the tongue.

Open for both lunch and dinner, Beefbar in the City is a foodie’s slice of heaven. The best part? The new location is open all year round, meaning you can indulge in a sumptuous evening meal to warm up those cold winter nights, a light refreshing springtime lunch, or a sun-soaked cocktail whilst basking in the sultry Mediterranean mid-year breeze. Whichever location you choose to visit, you can be sure of one thing: you've never encountered anything quite like it.

Beefbar in the City

Phone: +356 22911084


Instagram: @beefbar_malta


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