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Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada colours the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta !

Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta and last night’s offering was a riot of colour and fabulous design from Madrid’s legendary Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. She may be the 12th marchioness of Castelldosríus, Grandee of Spain and the 29th baroness of Santa Pau, but this designer knows how to throw a catwalk party and create the wow factor to start a show.

Malta Fashion Week TEMPLE Magazine

Hair by Vanusia Mifsud and Madlene Galea , using TRESemmé products, was kept to a sleek and shiny updo to show off the heart shaped headpieces or left long and shiny, hanging down the models’ backs.

From the beginning of the show, with the Spanish flamenco music pumping and the models positively dancing down the runway, the energy was palpable. The colour palette was vivid and clear: the purest pinks, orange and greens, midnight blue, gold and scarlet were all shimmering on satin and sequins, standing out on wool and cotton sweaters and wooing the eye with silk or velvet dresses. This was a rainbow in motion.

The cut of the clothes created a sensuous flow of fabric on the body and the overriding impression was of ease. The models’ movements – despite the fitted style of the skirts and the fabulous column evening dress - were fluid and athletic. Trousers whether super slim, as worn by Tiffany Pisani, or slinkily floaty were beautiful in their elegant design and would look good on all shapes and sizes. These clothes are designed not just to look amazing but to work for the wearer.

A sequinned pencil skirt, awesome pink platform heels and a long jersey looked both sexily chic and work ready.

A star in it is own right - the sequinned coat dress was pure magic. The structure of the tailoring again showed off a nipped in waist and wide shoulders but with fluidity and grace that allowed the wearer to move effortlessly and elegantly.

The Piéce de Rèsistance however was a stunning, midnight blue velvet column dress with outrageous pink puffed sleeves. It was magnificent in its elegance and good humour whilst being intensely wearable.

The models and Ágatha finished the show with a valedictory strut down the catwalk. The smiles of enjoyment and fun on the girls’ faces was mirrored by the delighted and receptive crowd. In all, a fabulous start to the evening.

Hopefully this show will be the opportunity for the brand to take Malta by storm. Childrenswear is also available.

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta

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