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Get Ready for the Ultimate Beach Club Experience at Beefbar on the Beach.

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Summer is just around the corner and what's more exciting than indulging in mouth-watering cuisine with an impeccable sea view in a lavish setting? Beefbar on the Beach, reopening on April 20th, offers exactly that! Nestled into one of the most picturesque seaside spots in Malta, the atmosphere is upbeat yet sophisticated allowing visitors to experience summer bliss at its finest.

The renowned beach club has long been a go-to destination for those seeking opulence, excellent service and ultimate relaxation. However, this season, the management has taken a bold step forward to add an extra layer of excitement to its guests' weekends. The upcoming fun-filled Sunday events, starting on the 30th of April, promise to be nothing short of exhilarating, featuring an exceptional DJ line-up to create an energetic and lively atmosphere. The music starts at noon, and guests can dance the day away while enjoying their favourite drinks and savouring the breathtaking beachfront views.

The 30th April event is just the beginning! As you wind down from the festivities of the previous day, get ready to revamp your energy and start off May with a bang on the 1st. With a public holiday in tow, there is no better way to spend your day than immersing yourself in a memorable experience. A live saxophonist alongside the island’s distinguished DJs will take the stage, providing a perfect soundtrack that is sure to get you grooving to the beat. This dreamy ambiance is the perfect way to soak up the joys of the upcoming month, and the perfect way to celebrate life itself.

Beefbar is not just any ordinary beach club experience. This venue sets itself apart with its exceptional service, delectable dishes, and extraordinary entertainment. Every Sunday in May, the beach club will transform into a lively oasis, where guests can enjoy an incredible brunch or lunch while feeling like they've been whisked away to the French Riviera – surrounded by exquisite entertainment that leaves them thoroughly amused. With such a unique and unforgettable experience, it is highly recommended to keep your Sundays free and book in advance!

Speaking of lunches, the esteemed venue boasts an exceptional menu that tantalises the senses and satisfies even the most discerning of palates. Every dish is crafted with only the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring gastronomic satisfaction. Whether you are a steak connoisseur or a seafood aficionado, the menu caters to all dietary preferences and lifestyles, including vegetarians. Mouth- watering cuts of succulent Kobe beef, zesty sides, delightful starters and expertly prepared fish dishes bursting with flavour will have you coming back for more!

For the perfect pairing to accompany your meal, they offer an unrivalled selection of champagnes, wines, cocktails and mocktails masterfully crafted by their team of esteemed mixologists. Enjoy a classic tipple or opt for something unique from their inventive menu - no matter your preference, you are sure to find the ideal beverage accompaniment here.

Beefbar has quickly become an iconic destination for those who crave nothing but the best. The establishment's unwavering dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of the dining experience, from the succulent cuts of beef to the mesmerising views of the sea. The management has carefully curated a lineup of exciting events that are bound to leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Whether you're seeking a memorable day out with friends or an intimate dinner with your significant other, Beefbar on the Beach is the place to be. So why not treat yourself to the ultimate summer hotspot and make this season one you won't forget?

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