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Grand opening of a magnificent state of the art Intersport Store in Sliema

Hudson Group brings 'Sport to the People' and opens Intersport - a global retail giant offering multi high-end sports and leisure brands.

The first store in Malta is located on Tower Road, Sliema and is packed with top brands including; Nike, Champion, Under Armour, Tommy Sport, Columbia, New Balance, Helly Hansen, Asics, Vibram, and Timberland.

This cleverly curated selection of brands suit a variety of lifestyle and sporting activities, which include running, training and outdoor trekking. Jordan and Converse are also available for kids.

Intersport truly lives up to its mission to bring ‘Sport to the People’.

Intersport is a global sport multi-brand retail king with over 65,000 employees helping more than 650,000 customers every day across more than 44 countries. Interacting with consumers both on and offline 24/7, it generates annual retail sales of 11.5 billion euros.

Innovation, as is synonymous with Hudson, will not fall short within this store.

So what's new? For starters they have installed an in-store foot scanner powered by Volumental, which is the first of its kind in Malta.

It digitally measures the customers’ foot proportions. The scanner technology takes all the necessary readings and indicates the customers’ foot dimensions as well as any other details which will enable them to choose the best possible shoe according to their lifestyle or sport requirements. The readings can then be sent to the client via email for their own future purchasing convenience. Accoriding to Hudson Group 50% of women and 30% of men buy shoes with the wrong fit, and this addition is sure to provide a smoother customer experience.

There are plenty of 'wow factors' at the Intersport store - including floor to ceiling LED video walls and we love the Intersport Coins Initiative as gift vouchers . There's so much more to the experience - but you need to go and discover them for yourselves!

Thank you to Hudson Group, especially Yoland Spiteri (Corporate Marketing Manager), for inviting us to your Opening Night - It was an absolute pleasure and we wish you every success - although we don't think you'll need it!

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