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Maggie’s Little Secret

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

At the beginning of one of Sliema’s most renowned streets, Sir Adrian Dingli Street, you will find the newly opened Maggie’s bistro. A landmark of sorts, once called Vino Veritas and just across from Exiles, anyone you ask will easily point you in the right direction.

Maggie’s offers its clientele a varied, unique menu with dishes ranging from seafood tartars, meat and vegetable carpaccio’s, risottos, meats, and vegetarian dishes a plenty!

Host and owner, Mr Hezron Muscat, treated us to a delectable selection.

To open our palette, the chef sent out a little amuse bouche, a chicken and chorizo croquette. The scent and flavor reminiscent of old-fashioned chicken broth. And the presentation a pleasure to begin our evening.

Our first plate was homemade cod ravioli in a lime, chive and white wine sauce. The pasta made with nero di seppia. The dish was not only a wonder for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

Next a beef and aubergine carpaccio topped with a trio of onion flavors, a rather unique combination which balanced each other out. The generous serving makes this starter perfect to share.

Moving on to the sea, the next temptation was a prawn tempura and a tartar of salmon accompanied by a duo of purees, avocado and carrot.

Maggie’s also offers a good selection for those diners preferring vegetarian dishes. Try the stuffed portobello mushroom, filled with a celeriac puree, sauteed zucchini and pickled beetroot, the flavors and portion are both satisfying.

And lest we forget, dessert is not to be missed. The bright red apple bomb is literally bursting with flavor and textures. And the all-time classic fondant just became even classier at Maggie’s. Try their white chocolate and pistachio fondant, smooth and delicate, it’s a great way to end your evening.

So what exactly is Maggie’s little secret, besides it’s great menu? Ask the owner, Hezron, should you be delighted by his electric presence, who is Maggie after all?

For reservations contact +356 79272720 /


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