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Malta's Mood Check: Urgent Call for Change

The European Parliament's Eurobarometer survey offers critical insights into Malta's prevailing sentiments ahead of the 2024 European elections. With 85% foreseeing a decline in living standards and 50% expressing concern about Malta's direction, there's a clear call for focused attention and proactive measures.

Despite a primarily positive view of the EU (53%), concerns about a potential economic downturn (53%) and a dip in optimism (from 65% to 55%) emphasise the need for swift, collective action.

Recognising the EU's impact on daily lives (73%) presents an opportunity for collaborative efforts towards positive change. Moreover, 92% acknowledging EU membership benefits, including economic growth and job opportunities, serves as a foundation to build upon.

However, concerns persist, notably about border control (40%) and job security (33%), warranting targeted policies and discussions.

Empowering voices is crucial. Despite feelings of underrepresentation (48%), there's a resounding call (73%) for the European Parliament to assume a more significant role, fostering inclusive governance.

With the elections ahead, this is an opportune moment for Maltese citizens to shape the nation's course. With 70% expressing interest and intending to vote, collective action can steer Malta toward a revitalised path.

Collective reimagination—fuelled by dialogue and proactive policies—will shape a resilient future for Malta within the EU. This is an invitation for active participation, uniting aspirations and actions toward a thriving Malta.


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