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Perfect for children with a flair for cooking - The Mediterranean Culinary Academy Summer Course

If your children have a taste for the kitchen this course will encourage them to improve their skills in a professional, yet creative environment. Covering a range of integral cooking techniques, food safety as well as educating about the use of local, seasonal and sustainable produce this course is designed to foster well rounded and competent young cooks.

This course is designed with a specific progression in mind, each lesson building on the other to ensure your children grow into cooks that are confident around the kitchen with a host of techniques and skills under their belt. Each lesson takes a key technique as its starting point and showcases a dish from around the Mediterranean that has been chosen to truly highlight the skills in question. In this manner your children will not only learn how to cook some delicious dishes but more importantly come to understand the underlying principles which will give them the ability to adapt techniques to other dishes at home.

Our dynamic team of chef instructor and experienced educational teacher will ensure that your child is given the right tools to become more confident in the kitchen as well as treating each person individually and making sure that they are moving at the right pace for them. With hands-on cooking, each lesson will highlight the importance of using local and seasonal produce, sustainable food practices and utilising as much of an ingredient as possible in order to reduce our food waste. At the end of every session your budding gourmands will sit down together to nourish themselves on the food that they have prepared.

Summer Courses begin in August with a variety of dates.

For further information and to book your children onto the course please contact:

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy

mobile: +356 99704909



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