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Welcome to Edition 8 of Temple Magazine.

With a little perseverance and much patience, we have managed to bring together another issue filled with success stories in the making. 

As the world has now turned a page of sorts and people are scurrying about reinventing their businesses, finding ways to cope and hopefully prosper again, we face yet another uncontrollable challenge.

Focusing on positivity we hope to instil confidence and optimism in our readers. The world is still a beautiful place and it's up to us to explore this and replicate it in our daily lives. With a little hope and a lot of tenacity we can pick up the rubble and rebuild the economy and the world and bring humanity back to where it should be, secure and serene.

Mariella Dimech assures us that with proper guidance we can be in control of our whims which many of us may have fallen victim to recently. Johan Siggesson, a wildlife photographer, managed to find a unique subject matter to photograph right here on

the Maltese Islands. While businesses across the island create innovative concepts and reinvest in those existing to offer their clientele a new experience. The entertainment industry has reawakened with a vigorous lust for events of every spectrum. From

hotels to restaurants to luxury book shops alike, the Maltese Islands constantly create novel outlets for the enjoyment of residents and travellers across the board.

Young entrepreneurs lead us to the next chapter of the local economic face with their charisma and energy drawing on the knowledge and experience of those more seasoned in their fields of interests.

We look forward to a rejuvenation of society thus the circle of life continues, and the world moves forward.

May I invite you to enjoy, learn and be inspired by our stories ahead in this 8th edition of Temple magazine.

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TEMPLE, now in its 5th year of production, is a beautiful table-top magazine and is one of the most popular and much loved premium publications for the Maltese Islands. The desire for luxury print has never diminished and whilst our readers have the benefit of reading some of our content online on this website - the full experience comes with owning your own copy of TEMPLE.


Whether you live in Malta, plan to visit us for business or pleasure, or perhaps, just curious about the Maltese Islands  - TEMPLE Magazine will take you on a journey through 180 stunning pages of imaginative and engaging stories and pictures.


From exclusive in-depth interviews with some of Malta's most popular and well-known personalities, to special features on Malta's vibrant culture and communities  - TEMPLE is the embodiment of upscale modern living in the Maltese Islands.


The TEMPLE brand has fast become one of the leading voices in luxury for the Maltese Islands and represents the absolute best of Malta and Gozo to a global audience.

TEMPLE is published every 6 months and is a complimentary magazine for members, clients and an exclusive global network of partners. If you are not a member or partner, TEMPLE is available to purchase at €15.00 plus postage. 

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Own the complete set of TEMPLE Magazines dated from 2017 to 2019

(6 issues)

Price: €50 (RRP €90 @ €15 per issue)  

Delivery: Free (in Malta/Gozo only)

Delivery within 5 working days

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