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The Art of Coffee Brewing with Lot61

Coffee brewing is an art form in its own right. There’s something special about creating a cup of coffee that brings out the flavours, textures, and aromas you can only get from the perfect roast. But what really sets coffee brewing apart is when you use a high-quality roast from acclaimed roasters such as Lot61. It has a rich history and craft that gives your morning cup of joe something extra special. Let’s take a look at why Lot61 takes coffee brewing to another level.

LOT61 is revolutionising the coffee drinking experience with maximum freshness guaranteed! They source and roast only the best beans, twice a week at their roaster located in Burmarrad. These exquisite coffees are then delivered that same week to establishments across Valletta & St Julian's as well as their own Coffee Bar - ensuring you get nothing but world-class quality every time. What sets them apart, however, isn't just great tasting java; they’re also delighted to share tips on brewing perfection or inspiring curious consumers’ skill set for creating delicious cups of aromatic coffee whenever they please! It's no surprise why LOT61 has become Malta's premier go-to spot for next level caffeine pleasure.

Lot61 Malta also uses sustainable farming practices to ensure the highest quality product possible while doing the least amount of damage to our environment as possible. Investing in Fairtrade coffee puts a hot mug of justice and opportunity into the hands of global farmers! Not only do purchases support improved living standards for their families, but at least 25% is invested to improve bean quality. Plus, gaining Fairtrade certification boosts education about environmental protection plus food security - meaning more than just steaming cups await global farming communities when you go with fair trade.

Whether you’re just getting into coffee brewing or you’re looking for something new to try out at home or in your cafe, give Lot61 Malta a try and experience why it has become one of the most loved coffees around today!

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