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VALLETTA CONTEMPORARY FRENCH IDEA[L] - An extraordinary exhibition.

Exhibition at the Valletta Contemporary Art Gallery 23 August to 20 September 2019

VALLETTA CONTEMPORARY FRENCH IDEA[L] - An extraordinary exhibition will be open to the public from 23 August to 20 September at the Valletta Contemporary Gallery.

Curated by Olivier Plique and exhibiting the highly acclaimed Dominique DE BEIR, Christian JACCARD and Denis PONDRUEL

Freedom, equality, fraternity: what do these words that express the motto of the French Republic mean? They refer to what are commonly called ideals, regarded as the pinnacle of what can be desired or imagined, for oneself and others, and as the bedrock of every human life worth living.

As expressed by the essayist Luc Olivier d’Algange: ‘The French idea is irreducible to “values”. It is with greater clarity that we wish to illuminate the style of our actions and our sentences. To the “values” that reduce to some absurd common denominator, we will always prefer the luminous freedom we enjoy from the royal fire of the Principles”.

Christian JACCARD

By inviting 3 recognised French artists representing this French Idea, the Valletta Contemporary Art Gallery wishes to honour this thirst for ideal and for freedom of the people of France. In love with the same freedom aimed at challenging the very status of the piece of art, and following a narrative thread (FIL, French Idea [L] ), each artist has created their own marker tools with a unique signature of a French-style artistic ideal.

Christian Jaccard, has been expressing, for more than forty years, a fascination for the combustion through actions and productions in which fire appears as a major artistic material. Determined to make his works real by freeing them from the tyranny of their base, his compositions on free canvas brought him closer by the nature of his research with the group Support Surface. All fire, all flame, Christian Jaccard will in a way set fire to VCA with the in-situ realisation of an ephemeral painting (wall burning).

Dominique de Beir, who, as of a calming exude, expresses her perforating or destructive jubilation on banal materials that she transcends in a reflection on the slips between drawing and writing, visible and not visible, full and empty, surface and depth. Dominique will express her gestural work through the installation (in-situ) of a structure.

Denis Pondruel, in a poetic strength, endlessly explores the relationship between thought and matter. Tunnel digger, sculptor, architect, archaeologist, neurologist, philosopher… he invites the viewer to a visual experience combining relationship with the body, the environment and the mind. Like slogans, he inserts messages of great humanity within the brains it shapes. Bastion builder like the Knights of Malta, Denis chose to create 5 sculptures reflecting the soul of Malta.

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