World class charters in Malta - Azure Ultra hosts the TEMPLE Team.

A fabulous day sailing around the Maltese Coastline.

Azure Ultra hosts TEMPLE. Image copyright Temple Concierge

Sunseeker luxury motor yachts are synonymous with opulence and exquisite attention to detailing - from the sleek lines to the hull, the elegance of the fly deck and the craftsmanship of the interior - no detail is too small and anyone who has ever been on board will appreciate their innate style and quality.

What makes an Azure Ultra charter of a Sunseeker so special is not just the beautiful yacht, but the superb service that comes with it. From initial booking, whereby they can tailor-make your experience to give you the best day of your life, to the discreetly attentive all-day service, you know you are in the best and safest hands anywhere.

Azure Ultra hosts TEMPLE. Image copyright Azure Ultra

Departing from Birgu, you remove your shoes and step into a new world. An exhilarating sea journey before mooring in the beautiful Comino Crystal Lagoon, the style is luxurious ease all the way. On your return, your shoes will be neatly lined, up in pairs, for you literally to step into. This is the way to charter in Malta.

Once on board and introductions effected, we were given a brief but comprehensive safety talk and invited to climb up to the fly deck before we punctually departed on our day’s charter.

Azure Ultra hosts TEMPLE. Image copyright Temple Concierge

Freshly squeezed lemon water or perfectly chilled wines was ours to choose as we soared around the Maltese coastline, sitting in secure comfort on the fly deck. If life and work have caused you to forget the sheer bliss of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, this is a perfect opportunity to remind yourself of one of life’s true pleasures.

The Azure Ultra crew, comprising Skipper Gary, Chief Stewardess Peggy and Stewardess Suzanne were all effortlessly professional, charming and welcoming. We joked that our boat ‘Don’t Ask’, could truthfully be called ‘You Don’t Need to Ask’. Every wish and requirement was

preempted and fulfilled beautifully.

Clearly, staff training at Azure Ultra is rigorous and ongoing: Suzanne for example, a qualified psychotherapist, retrained as crew, securing her STWC (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) last year before joining Azure. Peggy’s background in international hospitality and luxury yachting is apparent in her demeanour and standards. It is no wonder that this company was nominated in five separate categories for service at the Malta International Boats and Yachting Awards in November 2017 and walked away with the top awards for Best Customer Service and Best Malta Based Charter Company.

Azure Ultra hosts TEMPLE. Image copyright Temple Concierge

Anchoring in the Crystal Lagoon to the western side of Comino, was a joy: watching the exquisite clear water with its stunning colours of turquoise and emerald swirling over white sands is bliss.

Azure Ultra hosts TEMPLE. Image copyright Temple Concierge

Azure Ultra have gone one step further to enhance this with their on-board toys: clear Perspex bottomed kayaks make for a fabulous opportunity to paddle out from the aft of the cruiser (made even easier with access from the wooden rear raft and, in addition, with lifting equipment for the more nervous or sturdy of us) and see the true beauty of this unspoiled cove and marine life. If snorkelling is not your thing, then the clear bottomed kayak is the perfect way to go.

Azure Ultra hosts TEMPLE. Image copyright Temple Concierge

Skipper Gary took us out on the Williams’ tender so that we could get up close and personal with the rock formations and coves, which were theatrical in their grandeur and beauty. The eastern side of Comino is famous for the rock formation known as ‘The Elephant’, made world famous in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ movie. The romance of this area is undeniable and Azure Ultra have even hosted a night time charter to here whereby the most impressive proposal ever could take place, with the future husband bringing the ring up from the seabed for his intended.

Back on board, the lunch was a feast: Parma ham, smoked salmon, avocado and cracked black pepper, Maltese dips with Galletti, Carr’s Water Biscuits (what else?) and chilled wine were just the appetisers while the crew prepared grilled chicken, Maltese bread – which is the best in the world – and fresh salads.

Azure Ultra hosts TEMPLE. Image copyright Temple Concierge

A substantial and international cheeseboard and handmade fruit salad were the final touches. Everything was beautifully presented and served on crested Royal Doulton with shining silverware and linen napkins. Azure Ultra is a Maltese registered company and has perfectly blended elegant class with Mediterranean warmth to provide a stunning offer. ‘Beyond Ordinary’ is their strapline. You can add the Temple mantra ‘Best of the Best’ for the perfect summing up of a day’s charter with Azure Ultra.

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Temple Concierge and TEMPLE magazine were guests of Azure Ultra on 6th June 2018.

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