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DEEP FEAR hits the Maltese Islands

The Malta Film Studio’s is currently hosting some hot names in the film industry. Producing a thriller set on the high seas, with Malta doubling as the Caribbean, more precisely Grenada, this little island in the middle of the Med will be home to Ed Westwick and Madalina Ghenea for the next few weeks.

Deep Fear is ‘a high stakes thriller set in paradise’ explains Ed Westwick. We are honored that Mr Westwick considers Malta paradise and we will do our best to ensure he leaves with the same sentiment.

Ed Westwick plays Jackson, the boyfriend of Naomi, which is being played by Madalina Ghenea. Also featuring in the production are Macarena Gomez and Stany Coppet (who just celebrated his 46th birthday last week) as shipwrecked drug traffickers and Ibrahim Gueye who plays a boat hand named Barney.

The production brings together a team of producers including Malta’s ex-film commissioner Engelbert Grech, alongside Sean O’Kelly and Marc Bikindou and James Spring as executive producer.

Also, behind the scenes, this film brings Mark Silk, Director of Photograpy, to Malta. Mr Silk is renowned for his underwater photography and brings with him a professional team of divers and cameras for the production.

Deep Fear promises to be another hit ensuring Malta’s Film Studios and the current film commissioner, Mr Johann Grech, international recognition in film production industry.

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