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Luxury is a walk-in wardrobe with Poliform at onepercent.

There is nothing like the idea of a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room to get even the most luxed out homeowner’s heart to flutter.

Omar walk-in wardrobe, Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform
Omar walk-in wardrobe, Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform

When you spend money on your clothes and accessories, you should protect your investment. It also makes sense that one should have a proper, functioning wardrobe system, whereby you can find what you want to wear in a simple and efficient manner. If you can add a little style to this functionality, then so much the better. Walk-in wardrobes are an investment for your home as well as your clothing.

Walk in wardrobe or Dressing room?

What is the difference between the two? When you look at the options available, there is a clear distinction:

A dressing room – as the name suggests – is an existing room in your house, dedicated to the art of getting dressed.

A walk-in wardrobe is more in the genre of the en suite and, as such, is an addition to your room. Space is key for choosing which option to take and this is where the designers you work with really come into their own. Poliform at onepercent are Malta’s leading, design led providers of both.

Armadi dressing room, Poliform, onepercent. Image Poliform
Armadi stroage solutions, Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform

Armadi dressing room, Poliform, onepercent. Image Poliform
Armadi dressing room, Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform

Walk-in wardrobes can be installed floor to ceiling to maximise every inch of space. Clever storage solutions can also be configured to suit individual requirements for height, space available and clothing requirement. Intelligent design will make use of odd shaped spaces, such as under staircases or eaves as well as creating the magic of the walk-in wardrobe in a standard shaped room.

The Poliform design process at onepercent. Image: Poliform

Sophisticated design elements including interior lighting, full-length mirrors and overhead storage for specialist items, such as skiwear, all make the most of every centimetre of space to simplify your life.

Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform
Design features - mirrors and lighting. Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform

Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform
Armadi walk-in wardrobe. Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform

If you choose the dressing room route, the options are only enhanced: imagine floor to ceiling wardrobes with full length and double hanging rails in addition to a host of storage options designed to match your lifestyle: add seating for lounging and luxuriating; a library or desk to personalise your space further and create an oasis of calm in your life.

Armadi - making space work. Poliform, onpercent. Images: Poliform

Are you someone with a large collection of accessories? Choose shallow, pull out drawers with individual compartments for sunglasses, scarves, cufflinks or jewellery.

Armadi Accessories drawer. Poliform: onepercent. Image: Poliform

A bespoke storage island is also a beautiful and luxurious touch: Senzanfina by Poliform uses techno-leather, glass and timber to create the ultimate finishes as well as providing a storage system that means you will never be looking for a belt or tie again.

Senzanfina Island with overhead lighting. Poliform, onepercent
Senzanfina Dressing Room - with bespoke 'island' and feature lighting. Poliform, onepercent. Image: Poliform

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Poliform’ s design ethos: whether you are looking for an intelligent system to store, preserve and care for your clothes and accessories or beautiful materials that look, feel and smell amazing, Poliform should be your first choice.

To make an appointment or find out more;

Contact :00356 2546 5000

Poliform/onepercent showrooms: Valley Road, L-Imsida MSD 9022


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