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Chocolate lovers prepare to taste the fun!

Quality Belgian Chocolate blended with local Maltese & exotic ingredients - what's not to like?!

The Malta Chocolate Factory has a series of very unique events offering something a bit different to do in Malta. They can also provide a range of chocolate products and items such as a their very popular chocolate fountain for “in-office” events.


Chocolate Making Workshop – in this one-hour event (suitable for adults and teens from 13 years up) you find out how chocolates are made and get involved in making your own molded chocolates along with bright coloured effects and tasty truffles filled with ganache. A messy but fun hour where you are guaranteed to have your hands covered in chocolate (thank goodness they provide aprons)!

Cocktail and Chocolate Pairing workshop - For the grown-ups! - In this one-hour event the Malta Chocolate Factory make a number of cocktails and pair them with their homemade truffle flavours. Guests get involved in the cocktail making process and naturally this leads to a lot of discussion over favourite drinks and chocolates. Participants also get a recipe booklet to take away and try the cocktails at home. Pairing is also available with Maltese wine and Craft beer.

The Children are well-catered for with their Junior Chocolatier Class, aimed at 5/6 to 12 year olds. In a fun-filled hour, children learn about chocolate; how it is made, the different types of chocolates and their ingredients. In addition to this children are given the opportunity to make their own chocolate creations using chocolate piping techniques and are allowed to add a big dollop of their own creativity! Of course the kids can take their creations home with them. To finish off all children are awarded a Certificate of Participation in the 'Junior Chocolatier Class'.

Cocktail and Chocolate - €18 per person (10 - 20 persons)

Wine and Chocolate - €18 per person (10 - 20 persons)

Beer and Chocolate - €18 per person (10 - 20 persons)

Chocolate Making Workshop - €15 per person (10 - 25 persons)

Junior Chocolatier Class - €10 per person (10 - 40 children)

To book your fabulous chocolatey experience get in touch with the Malta Chocolate Factory +356 7777 4606 or visit their website:

Images and content supplied by: Malta Chocolate Factory

Edited: TEMPLE Magazine


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