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American University of Malta supports local community

The American University of Malta (AUM) contributes to the Cospicua Local, Traditional Festa.

Following several discussions between the AUM administration, the Cospicua Local Council and the Cospicua Traditional Feast Committee, the American University of Malta committed to provide assistance and collaboration in the organisation and preparation of Cospicua’s local and Traditional Festa. Being situated in the heart of Dock 1 in Cospicua, the American University of Malta opened up its premises to the Local Feast Committee to store logistical items, decorations, and ornaments associated with the annual feast. AUM also agreed to also make space available on its campus to set up local feast ornaments and traditional decorations. Being an integral part of the Cospicua community, a delegation from AUM also took part in all the feast activities and maintained a visible presence. Yesterday, members of the Feast Committee visited the premises of the American University of Malta and officially met the administration. The Committee presented a memento of appreciation to the AUM team for the University’s commitment towards the village feast. The Committee also had a brief meeting with the University Management, which included recently-appointed President Dr Michel Najjar. The visit was concluded with a brief tour of the University Facilities. Dr Najjar, President of the American University of Malta said, “As American University of Malta, we understand that we consider ourselves equal partners with the Cospicua community, their feasts are our feasts and their concerns are our concerns. Our values reflect our commitment towards the region and the community at large. Apart from providing quality education to all of our students, we remain committed to engage further with the community and respond to their needs and requirements. We want to keep our doors open to them and to other stakeholders both on a regional level and the national level. We want to know them better and we want them to know us better.” The Vice President of the Local Feast Committee, Mr Marco Agius, said that during the past weeks, the American University of Malta has responded to the needs of the Festa Committee and has opened its doors so that the traditional village feast can be successfully organised. He thanked the AUM Management, in the person of President Michel Najjar for their commitment towards the organisation and the community, and stressed that he is looking forward to strengthen the collaboration with the American University of Malta and take it to higher levels.

On the pictures: Mr Noel Vella, Assistant Treasurer to the Feast Committee, Mr Marco Agius, Vice President to the Feast Committee, Mr Matthew Tonna Gilford, General Secretary to the Feast Committee, Dr. Oussama Jadayel, Vice President for Administration and Development and Dr. Michel Najjar - President of the American University of Malta


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