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Updated: Jun 28, 2018

The art of living is embodied in the kitchen and it takes centre-stage as to where a family’s lifestyle starts.

Poliform Kitchens at onepercent. Image Copyright : Poliform

According to Forbes’ magazine, the kitchen is the most important room in your home

in every way, but especially as a luxury statement. The art of living is embodied in the kitchen and it takes centre stage as to where a family’s lifestyle starts. Houses listed with “luxury kitchens” sell faster than similar properties unable to boast this design feature.

Commissioning a true luxury kitchen means not having to accept limitations.

Consumers want a broad range of product, finish, and colour choices, so where better to start than with Poliform at onepercent? A meeting with Charis Mallia,

Operations Manager, is an education and a pleasure. Charming, multi lingual and

unflappable, she is currently juggling a number of new developments and

refurbishments, across Malta, for both national and international clients.

Poliform, an iconic Italian brand and company, began life as an artisan workshop

and is today a benchmark for superb organisation of inner space to create the most

beautiful external aesthetic. Function with form you might say.

Poliform Kitchens at onepercent. Image Copyright : Poliform

As a number of their clients are not based full time in Malta, the service offered by

Poliform caters for both the time starved and the absent homeowner, as well as the

dedicated homeowners looking to create a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Understanding the client’s desired use of the space is essential for a successful

design and onepercent’s team of qualified designers ensures that this is a given.

Once format and purpose of use are established, the joy of choosing begins and

what choice there is.

Sophisticated luxury can take many guises and kitchens have fashions. However, the

idea of timeless elegance never goes out of fashion, so use of material is key. Charis

points out that the external finishes such as glass, wood and marble are universal

favourites but the visibility and perfection of the wood grain for surfaces, the

satisfying weight of drawers with solid maple, internal cutlery trays, the curve of the

glass doors on cabinets to create reflection and light play are all hallmarks of

onepercent’s kitchens and it is these features that show the true luxury of the

finishes. This is investment shopping for your home.

A classic open floor space, as in most Maltese apartments, allows for the kitchen to

be intrinsic to every part of life: from a quick breakfast to a smart dinner to a large

party, the ‘island’ is integral to this flexibility. The surface of the island - whether

wood, marble, glass or steel - is cut at an angle to create an elegant silhouette and

clever lighting creates moods as well as providing the practicalities of seeing what

you are cooking and eating

Poliform Kitchens at onepercent. Image Copyright : Poliform

LED lighting has really taken over task lighting in the kitchen for its energy

efficiency, cooler temperatures, and longer lamp life. Poliform go one step further

with internal lighting to cabinets - both storage and display – to create an ultra-luxe

ease of use. Mix this with handle-less doors, wine refrigerators, integrated coffee makers and a spectacular spice rack and even the most uninspired cook will relish his

or her new environment. Functional items - hobs, sinks, taps, hibachi and

refrigeration all are seamlessly integrated into the beauty of the design scheme to

give the client the ultimate kitchen; and with a range of worldwide Poliform

showrooms as well as the team in Malta, it is luxurious ease all the way.

Poliform Kitchens at onepercent. Image Copyright : Poliform

Hallmarks of a luxury kitchen.

  • High performance appliances – onepercent recommend Miele.

  • The kitchen as the stage – Theatrical cooking and entertaining built into the design.

  • Personalisation - Making your kitchen part of your signature and lifestyle.

  • Curation - Space to prepare and present your signature dishes.

  • Smart Storage – keeping control of your food and your environmental impact.

  • Appreciation of the materials used – natural beauty and respect for the environment.

  • Ethical manufacturing - understanding the true cost of artisan labour.

Contact onepercent:

Telephone: 00356 254 5000

Address: onepercent showrooms: Valley Road, L-Imsida MSD 9022


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